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  1. Finally figured it out! Buying the plants directly from Buy Mode and putting ithem n planters doesn't work, I needed to buy the uncured cannabis and plant it properly. Might come in handy to know for someone else at some point
  2. Thank you so very much! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Tale as old as time: Husband sim is having a midlife crisis and the only remedy is to open an art gallery full of nude photos he's taken of his trophy wife. Only I'm coming up close to empty in looking for good poses for said wife. There are thousands of poses out there but apparently very few of the lurid Page 3 sort I'm looking for. Not outright porn, but good and sleazy. Does anyone have any favourites or maybe just suggestions as to where I can find some?
  4. Really appreciate this but sadly I already tried starting over with entirely new seeds without any luck No harm in giving it another go, though.
  5. After my sim moved houses, her cannabis plants just won't become harvestable. I've tried replacing them with no luck. I even cancelled my gardening service just in case a bug was keeping the plants from going into inventory if harvested by the gardener. They're in season too (but indoors so it shouldn't matter). They're all well taken care of and do grow in the sense that I can evolve them quite regularly and they are mostly at excellent quality by now, they just never become harvestable. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Ohhh, I see where I went wrong now. I've had the automatically undress completely feature enabled since I thought it was a bit of a hassle to do it manually, which is quite obviously incompatible with keeping accessories on. Maybe I just figured it undressed outfits instead of everything. Makes sense. Thanks!
  7. I know there are switches for shoes, socks and so on, but so far I haven't managed to make my sims keep their glasses on when they have sex. Can this be done? This is something that strikes me as possibly having an easy fix I've missed because I can be kind of a dolt sometimes.
  8. Building on this there are several fame related things I'd love to see from both WW, Basemental and Nisa. Like the risk of taking a reputation hit if you're caught having sex or doing drugs in public (but if you're lucky, possibly a follower gain due to notoriety - or maybe even a surge in reputation and/or fame if you manage a good enough PR spin on it). For Lost Eden or maybe even a different sex work mod entirely I'd love to have like a Heidi Fleiss thing where the more famous you are, the more wealthy clients are willing to pay for your (sexual) services, but on the other hand you're risking exposure and scandal and getting fired from your job.
  9. Some variation of brat taming could be cool I think, like having the option of giving a sim a strong-willed brat trait and them having to be gradually trained and disciplined into subbing. For doms who like a challenge.
  10. My pie/interactions menu with other sims suddenly got really slow, has anyone else been having this problem after the October 2020 update? The menu works just fine when I click items and pets, but takes several seconds more to load when I click on a sim. It doesn't make the game unplayable or anything, but it definitely is a patience tester. I've narrowed it down to mods/cc as the menus seem to run fine when I remove them, and since I only use WW and a couple of WW dependent mods (like Basemental), I figured I'd check if this has been happening to anyone else. Fingers crossed for a fix coming soon.
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