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  1. Oh wow! That's good to know! thank you for that too. 💜
  2. Oh wow! That's all a lot of help, thank you so much! I already knew about searching the downloads, but I was mostly checking with the community to see if there are some that don't work that I should look out for and not download I guess? lol That's a very good point you make about the new update and skins though too. I think I will wait on those for sure. The mermaid sex info is good to know, not a big deal for me really though cause I can just create a different sort of RP scenario for them haha. I have searched the sims resource site you linked for months already now haha. I have found a few creators that have stuff that works for the cyberpunk/sci fi/goth sort of stuff, but not nearly enough stuff to make a more versatile neighborhood. I guess now I just need more suggestions for those kinds of clothes and body features. I have head hair covered pretty well, although it would be nice to have more hair like wiring or tubes, alien features, etc. I am trying to make androids and cyborgs. I did find Asari tentacle hair for the blue alien women from Mass Effect, which is super awesome, and I will be using that for one of my alien races.
  3. Yeah, he figured that part of it out already I think. Thank you for noting that though! 💜 They are his sims not mine haha. I am only asking for my friend. He streamed his game on discord for me to see and showed me his mods folder as well. The chest and pubic hairs from Simdulgence are only showing as available to be selected in CAS on just one sim in the household and not all of them. For the other sims they don't even show up in the search even with the filters turned off, and on the same type of character (male teen) that they show up for that's just the one sim that can access them. He has no skins applied to any sims. If you check above I think I fixed my post hopefully so it actually shows the screenshot of whats in his mods folder. Thank you for responding and trying to help by the way. 💜
  4. Ok, I fixed the picture, I think? lol I should tell them to check in the live mode shift click on sim options then? He didn't apply it in CAS, but they are showing up visually in there. I am not sure if he checked if they were showing like that in live mode though. Now we just need to figure out how to get the chest and pubic hair from Simdulgence to work on more than one sim per household lol.
  5. OMG LOL! Thank you so much!! I thought when it said drag for the attachment section it just meant it puts it as a file attachment hahah. I clicked and dragged it to the main box though and it's working great now!. I appreciate your help! 💜
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I appreciate it. 😁
  7. I was able to host a previous image on imgur and insert it into a post in one of the forums on here using the "insert other media" option, and it worked fine. Now I am trying to use the same method to put an image in my signature and it's not accepting the url. The image is within the size limits allowed for signatures and it follows all the other rules as well, but for some reason the same method I used earlier is not working anymore? Any help with this is GREATLY appreciated haha.
  8. Yeah, the mods are so insanely beautiful at times. Have you seen any of the alleged trailers for The Sims 5 yet? I am not sure if they are legit yet or not, but if they are.... The quality of the sim's appearance looks like the super realistic mods I've seen. It would be great if they made it that detailed in the base game without mods.
  9. Are you using the HD mod to get the super realism in this screenshot as well? Or is it just the skin alone with the RemusSirion accents? Your sim creation looks amazing by the way, almost like a photo of an actual person. What is the hair from if you don't mind me asking?
  10. I love the face textures and details for them! So beautiful and mysterious! Although I couldn't help but laugh about the center girl with her being so short and her breasts so huge. She seems like she would be the accident prone one in the troop, with a funny/quirky personality haha.
  11. Oh boy! The back problems that poor woman probably has. 😲
  12. I am definitely interested in seeing how this all works out. I really hope it doesn't break any of the mods that took me forever to find, that actually work lol.
  13. Hello everyone! I am new to modding in The Sims 4, as I have only been playing the game for 5 months or so? I am also new to this site. I own the vampires pack, realm of magic, university, get famous, seasons, island living, city living, get to work, get together, dine out, jungle adventure, outdoor retreat, and spa day (as well as around half the stuff packs). I'm listing those for reference just in case a certain pack is required for certain mods. I am interested in adding more realism to my sims by including sexual activities, drugs, and more realistic body features. So far, I have Wicked Whims installed, but not the 2 optional files they offer as downloads. I have Basemental Drugs installed. I have MC Command Center installed. I have also downloaded Simdulgence penis and body/pubic hair mods (although the chest hair and pubic hair are only available to one male in any given household no matter the household composition, so any help with figuring that one out would be GREATLY appreciated lol). I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on mods that are updated and currently work well, and are compatible with Wicked Whims and the other mods I have above (If I need to get rid of Simdulgence stuff that's ok if you find a better option) for these features: Body hair for males and females Pubic hair for males and females BDSM related clothing and animations Mermaid sex animations Vampire sex animations Fantasy and normal full body skins that are compatible with Wicked Whims and other genitalia LGBTQ sex animations (if they are not already included in Wicked Whims as I have just downloaded it and not tested yet) Vanilla and Heterosexual sex animations (same comment as the LGBTQ one) Futuristic, Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, or Gothic style clothing/hairstyles/body features (These ones don't need to be sexually related) Any help with suggestions for currently working and compatible mods is greatly appreciated, and I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my post and help in any way.
  14. Does anyone know if these mods are still functioning ok? I am trying to help a friend figure out their issue with this mod. They downloaded the hair mods and they put the mods in properly in the right folder. All the hair mods are working fine, except the chest hair and the pubic hair ones only show up for one of the character in his household (the teenage son). He has two adult males that are the fathers and then a second teenage son as well that the chest and pubic hair are not showing up on. At first I thought it might be designated for an age state, but the brother who is the same age doesn't have access to the chest and pubic hair either. He also has Wicked Whims installed and is having the texture clipping issue with the penis and the Wicked Whims default pubic hair. I was reading through these posts here and saw that someone mentioned you just need to disable the Wicked Whims default pubic hair to fix that part? We are not sure how to disable it since we have never used this mod before and the mod comes as whole files instead of one just for the pubic hair (which could just be removed if that was the case). I tried looking online for answers on how to disable the default pubic hair, but couldn't find it. If anyone could offer any advice on these two issues it would be greatly appreciated. I have included below a screenshot of the files he has installed. I would like to note that the Tmex MOO mod is just a build/buy mod that makes the move objeccts cheat auto enabled, so it shouldn't be conflicting with any of these other mods related to the sims themselves. Also the Wicked Whims folder in the picture just has the 2 files it comes with when you download it (TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Scripts.ts4script and TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package).
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