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  1. One last thing that I'm trying but not seems to work. I want the character not to undo is armor or the female keeps a part of his armor, I choose the option "nunca se remueve" but when the scene start she goes naked. Can be change that? Sino de que sirve que le dé una armadura si se la saca. Thanks
  2. hi, I re intall the game and follow your instruction in your guide and fix the problem! thanks you very much
  3. What is mean unmanaged games? Another thing. I read your link of modding Skyrim SE and learn a few things. Is it possible to re install the game and the mod organizer again, saving my slot game I think this possibility to clean my mod organizer and start again to modding.
  4. hi I re install xmpsse, then the sos se (not choose the option of skeleton, and then the tempered skin. finally the order is like in the picture for left and right...the games continues crashing. i have to run the fnis to make it work?
  5. I need assistance. Using the mod organizer, I install the sos se first and then the tempered skin se full. But in the game when I take out my clothese games frezzes, crash and kick me out. I try so much things, for example: change the load order (putting the sos before the xmp eskeleton but the game crash at the begging. The only thing that work was not using the SOS only the tempered skin but that is not what I wanted. Anyway if you know any ideas I will be grateful.
  6. Hi! I download the tempered skin sos full version for Skyrim Special edition, and the schlong of Skyrim. But when I use sexlab from dialogue mode to a npc and a choose an option the games frezzes. I try to unchecked the schlongs and only leave active the tempered skin and that fix the problem but I can use the sexlab framework with the tempered skin mod? Or I need the schlong?. Sorry about my English.
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