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  1. Here's the zip-file. I have renamed the original mod by Kincade to 'BreastSizeScalesBreasts' in order to make it easier to install this alongside the original mod. I hope that's fine with you @kincade. So simply place the 'BreastSizeScalesBreasts'-folder and the 'BreastSizeScalesBreasts'-modfile in your mod folder. Then replace the file '00_carn_tits.txt' in the Carnalitas-mod folder (Path: ...\mod\Carnalitas\gfx\portraits\portrait_modifiers). That's it. Then activate the mods in the launcher. Don't forget Kincade's 'sjkBreastScales'-mod. Hmm, i hope everything works out fine... Br
  2. I have now had the time to play around with your mod. It's fantastic! The integrated decision is a very helpful tool and makes manual editing of the gene/bust size configs obsolete. A nice quality of life-improvement. As I am not a big fan of tying the breast size to the beauty trait I have adopted your latest mod to my likings integrating it with Carnalitas in a very rudimentary way i.e. changing the beauty traits in your config files to the big tits traits of Carnalitas. To use the breast sizes applied by your mod I had to remove the breast sizes applied by Carnalitas in the 00_c
  3. Okay, here are some new images. If you want some special cultures done then please tell me...
  4. Of course I wouldn't mind. It'd be an honor! But maybe wait for me to finish some more cultures. I'll get at it this evening. I will try to standardize the process a little as in the above example the female faces are much smaller than the male ones. Feel free to use any of my upcoming images!
  5. Very nice! I'll have a look at the changes this evening. Looking forward to it!
  6. I started a 867 game and used the character finder to search for Andalusian characters (males and females). Then I used Fullscreen Barbershop whith a white background to be able to 'cut out' the characters in Photoshop and place them side to side. Then I used the backgrounds from the game to have a nice setting for the group of characters. I believe the screenshots from the mod 'Community Flavor Pack' are done in a similar way. Looks like this when it's done (I like it):
  7. I think you did well with this release. I just skimmed through some characters after a fresh game start and in comparison to the previous version people now have more "natural" faces. What's great is that they still are quite different from another although they are based on the beauty trait face of a culture. A great variety with more natural looking faces! I must admit that I miss some of my "freaks" from 1.03 though! Still, your work is fantastic! I simply cannot go back to the vanilla faces. If you ask me this mod should be one of the top mods on Steam. I know you can't publis
  8. Cool! I'll check it out. Although I am now accustomed to the sometimes weird looking gals and guys. I don't want my medieval times look like Americas Next Top Model. Good to hear you're still at it! Keep it up! Edit: Forgot to ask whether this is compatible with the CFP compatch.
  9. I'd definitely prefer decisions over game rules. I don't think you would have to 'clutter' the decisions. You could use a decision "Open Milky Settings" which on clicking opens all decisions available. Those could be closed again after having set up everything to your wishes using the decision "Close Milky Settings". The mod War Alerts - Customisable War Notifications does that to great effect. Maybe you want to take a look at that one? A very minor gripe I have with your 'Milky'-mod is that it uses a modified vanilla 'female_body.asset'-file. Therefore it can't be used in conjunct
  10. Thank you very much for your exceptional work. That's really great stuff! Though I like the added 'ooomph' when clothed the nude milky version simply ist too much for me! I've managed to remove the milky nude scaling of the breasts while keeping the clothed changes as I think they fit well with the largest breast size (without the milky modification). I believe there are still some issues with clipping though. Some outfits don't work as intended. Namely: Arabic Low Nobility Clothing 2 Arabic High Nobility Clothing 2 African Commoner Clothing 2 African
  11. Well, I do not consider myself a modder but I managed to get it to work with Carnalitas as well. I've added two files in the ZIP-file. If you want to use them (or anyone else) please feel free to do so. Replace "sjk_portraitmod_beauty_scales_breasts.txt" in the ...\sjkBeautyScalesBreasts\gfx\portraits\portrait_modifiers folder with that in the zip-file. The only change here is that I replaced all beauty traits with the big tits traits from Carnalitas. Replace "00_carn_tits.txt" in the ...\Carnalitas\gfx\portraits\portrait_modifiers folder with the one in the
  12. I see. Alright man, you're the expert! That's great to hear! I'll use your update then. Thanks again for your help.
  13. Strange... The Steam workshop seems to somehow break the CFP-mod after I updated it via Steam. I removed the mod manually and unsubscribed. Then I downloaded the CFP-mod from the Paradox Mods site and installed it. Now it's working (together with the Phenotype mod and the compatibility patch). Thanks for your input. It made me have a look if CFP is running at all (which it wasn't even though Steam workshop said it is). Glad everything is working again. In case you want to use my modified culture files in order to update the compatibility patch I'll put the ZIP-file with the changed culture fil
  14. Hmmm, I know that Carnalitas morphes the breast shapes but I believe that the factor isn't 4 (or -2/2) as in the above example. The woman in the picture above definitely has bigger breasts than my voluptous Carnalitas-Duchesses! I have no experience in modding therefore this is just a visual observation... Maybe the OP can clarify this?
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