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  1. Sounds as if you need to download some more animations. At least that's what was my issue when having WW for the first time. For "Last Exception" I like to check that file via http://lastexception.com/ because I can't read them.
  2. I'd say 70 or 75%, maybe more. I don't use a lot of mods and somehow even without having updated the game yet and having removed several mods I'm getting more "Last Exception" files. I dread the moment I update.
  3. Thank you, @carlfatal and @Kashked for your replies! I like to read what make you want a pack. Kashked, please let me know how you feel about it once you've experienced it in game. The "Open World mod" by "TheSimsPlus" if you want the airplane to fly. Rhua Pente... The Trekkie in me has quite some memories in regards to that. After all it didn't just show up in one of the movies but also in "Enterprise". Aliens did come with "Get to work" by the way. The Star Wars ones are just humanoid sims in costumes, as far as I understood. But maybe someone else can confirm or deny that. The aliens from "Get to work" are blue, a shade of purple or green and can hide in humanoid form - but also get discovered as aliens. I had an unexpected male pregnancy and an alien baby that I hadn't asked for. My sim worked in the scientist branch of "Get to work", but I'm not 100% sure about the correct English term. He build a satelite dish at work, brought it home, got abducted multiple times and came back pregnant. But it took me some time to realise what had happened. One can also visit the alien world via a portal. If its work related a lot more stuff is there. If you use the portal from home the world is a bit bleak but one can meet aliens there as well.
  4. I resisted getting it when it was 50% off and I think there will be another sale just around the corner. Out of curiousity and because I'm terrible at reading between the lines: Was it worth half the price or was that still too much for that pack? Because I plan on not caving until it's 75% off. It's not just because I don't care about Star Wars at all (I'm a Star Trek fan and for several reasons never got into Star Wars) but a general issue with the pack. Maybe it's because I don't like crossovers. On TV shows as a German viewer I'm often screwed because different channels might have baught the series that are shown on the same network in the USA of the UK - so often they won't air in order or back to back. And even if they are on the same channel they can still mess it up. ("Grey's Anatomy" and "Station 19" (or "Seattle Firefighters" the titel they use in Germany) is a great example for episodes getting shown on the same night but out of order.) I did ask myself it I would like it more if it were "Star Trek" and I could deny that. I just feel like the game shouldn't bring another fictional element into it from an already existing fandom. But that's marketing and I think it's a prime example how a plan for cross-marketing backfired. I remember the IKEA stuff pack and H&M stuff pack for the Sims 2 and they weren't cheap when I got them. They didn't even add new gameplay elements to the game but were really just clothes and/or objects. But it made the game a bit more realistic while Star Wars achived the opposite. Just my two cents. So, @Kashked, how do you feel about the pack and was it worth the money? (I'm open to changing my mind but so far I didn't hear/read any god arguments.)
  5. Thanks! I checked the official page - of course. Am pretty sure they will have it there as well.
  6. It really is Maxis. Lazy as I am I planned on reading the German version of the update note. Guess what? Not yet online! Still wishing a happy hispanic heritage month...
  7. I don't play this game so I can't use the download but this link offers me a download named "Cute Apron for UNP Jiggl.rar". Hope it helps!
  8. I bet it's a personal choice. I have a single folder for each creator. Some offer more than just animations and this way I can keep their creations together while keeping an overview. Plus if they release more animations I think it's easier to update/replace the older file. I think a lot is peronal quirks. But like @procian wrote: Don't go further than one folder deep. Unfortunatly that seems to be a limitation that The Sims 4 has. Not sure if Sims 2 had it as well. I never used CC/mods on Sims 3. I can't have too much cc/mods due to my computer (older model) but if I did have more stuff like clothes and/or objects I would probably feel restricted by the "one folder deep only" rule.
  9. I agree with @carlfatal and would even go so far and call stuff that came with "Seasons" as more on the "tradition" side than the "religious" side. But I also think it's a fine line and it's not easy to handle.
  10. I'm sceptical when it comes to that pack but will probably watch the play through. It sucks that one can't deativate packs like you could in "Sims 3" - or deinstall a pack alltogether like in "Sims 2". But then I liked them them all. "Sims 2" gave you the option to set the seasons all to summer or just pick whichever season you liked. "Sims 3" allowed to change the length of a season. Not sure if you were able to skip one alltogether. I still remember having winter set to just three days because the plants froze and I think there was no option to build a green house to prevent this. My sceptisism to "Snowy Escape" is based on a couple of factors, including the fact that a part of "Season" gets carried forward. I know people would have been angry if "Seasons" would have been a requirement for having snow in "Snowy Escape" (and would have made the title absurd if there were no snow unless you have "Seasons"). It's just that weather, seasons and snow was such a big deal that it got its own pack and now, more or less all of a sudden, it gets introduced in this world. Just glad it's only a single world. Guess we will see more when they do the play through and show more of the pack. Glad to know you don't totally hate the cold! 😉 🙂
  11. I know, I'm late to the party. It's just my thing. Still had to chip in my two cents... I usually create kind of a green house, often in the cellar/basement. On my current households lot there was enough space to build an additional one on ground level. Not all plants have assigned seasons. Sometimes it's odd what is an exception. But quite a lot still grow in the winter. My game runs in my native tongue German so I can't really name the plants except for onions and I think potatoes. But it cuuld also be fall/autumn for them. Like many plants they have two assigned seasons. Oh, and you could also plant close to the walls of your house. If they get shelter by a roof they get treated the same way as if they were inside. But then I read about your personal game play preferences and maybe "Seasons" just isn't for you. Just wanted to let you know about it because it's on sale at the moment again. I'm not sure if this was answered properly but: Yes, you can disable Father Winter. You can make changes to all the holidays, deleting them all together or make changes to the traditions. There's quite some stuff that's not to everyones liking. It took me some time do discover the Flower Bunny. It's quite cute but you can't make it a member of your household without cheats and you can't really date it. I, personally, like "Seasons" and would even say it's one of my favourite packs - even though I'm not a summer person. Oh, there's also a weather machine if you want to change seasons, weather settings and so on. You can upgrade it and get more options and less fails. Again not really what I like to do but can help when you are in Granite Falls and trying to collect a certain plant/flower.
  12. Thanks for the confirmation! I made the educated guess because after about a month I still haven't done everything that "Wicked Whims" has to offer. Not to mentionthat I spend very little time in CAS. Just not how I play. So glad others create awesome beautiful sims. 🙂
  13. I'm not 100% sure that I am right but I asume that this is the look for the porcelain doll, a hidden feature confirmed by the creator of Wicked Whims. Check out this thread. I hope it will give you a few answers.
  14. Just did a quick Ecosia search (I like to plant trees while searching for something) on mmoga and it seems to offer a lot of good deals. So far I relied on the Origin downloads. Unfortunatly I won't be able to get it for 12 Euro. But still cheaper than on Origin. I found it somewhere for a discount but then they added the sales tax later on. Not used to that concept apart from when I was on vacation in the US. I've now seen the trailer and it looked great. But don't they always look great? I thought "ski lifts" and "trains" and my next thought was "Who asked for that?" - although the ski lifts could be just a decoration element. But sims exited a train...
  15. Another "old" person here as well. I blame that over-excitement in aboves video to his ages. He's 23. I was also way more like "OMG! THAT'S SO AWESOME!" when I was in my early 20s. Sure, they also probably do some of it for the viewers - but I think one can notice if is just overacting. That's just my thoughts on that. About the pack and what I have learnt about it so far including having read and seen some speculations: Still not excited. I'm already glad that I don't have the same feel that I had when the "Star Wars" pack was announced. I was so disappointed. I never buy new stuff on release anymore. Not with all the sales out there. Nowadays I wait for 50% or more off. The base game was a gift so I have no idea what price was paid for that one back then, but knowing my brother who gave it to me he made sure to get a decent deal somewhere. Back to the pack: Apparently they confirmed that "Seasons" isn't needed to play this. And I have to admit I feel a bit cheated in that regard. It's not as if it is a game play pack that builds up on an expension pack but another expension pack making "Seasons" partially available for the people now getting this one. Well, if "Seasons" would have been needed for the snow others would have felt betrayed. I think they can't win in this aspect. I'm just pointing it out (constantly, to be fair) because it's such a huge thing. I still remember "The Sims 2" and "Seasons" and how the snow was such a big deal. If they had pulled something like that back then people would have been furious! At least that's what I think. So the destinations from "Bon Voyage" did have assigned seasons but if you didn't have "Seasons" you would have them without weather. (I think that's what I read, back then I had a lot of the guides to the packs. I just love getting that bit of background and figuring certain aspects out that way or get help if I'm stuck somewhere.) So, I can't imagine I'm the only one who is like "I'll wait until it is 50% off". (The reason why I'm still waiting for "Nifty Knitting" and "Eco Lifestyle".)
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