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  1. 谢谢。 我不太了解“拉我进群”一词的含义,但很高兴您喜欢它。
  2. I uploaded "SR.SailorSuit.Honoka.V1.1.zip". Fixed a problem with drawing the labia in the shade. There is a variation added to "X + 1", but that is just a bonus.
  3. Thank you. I'm very happy to receive such compliments. But I'm sorry. I don't have this swimsuit other than Honoka. I have no plans to make a common / marie body version.
  4. This is a video of Tsukushi. She is dressed first, but soon undresses. Since it is a Japanese video, I added English subtitles, but I apologize because I think there are many mistakes. It's 1080P, but it's a long video, so I'm lowering the image quality. Because the file size is more than tripled at the highest image quality. Chapter1 [DOAXVV][1080P]Tukushi1_Chapter1.mp4 Chapter2 [DOAXVV][1080P]Tukushi1_Chapter2.mp4 Chapter3 [DOAXVV][1080P]Tukushi1_Chapter3.mp4
  5. I'm relieved that your problem has been resolved. Have a good game life.
  6. I uploaded "SSR.RaiseTheSail.Honoka.V1.0.zip". This swimsuit was difficult to change because the original body was particular about biting into the skin. The result is not so good, but I uploaded it because I made it.
  7. View File SSR Raise The Sail - Honoka Body SSR Raise The Sail - Honoka Body レイズザセイル Press CTRL+1 or CTRL+2 to activate controls: Z+1 Change Tops Z+2 Change Bottoms 2021/01/20 V1.0 Gallery Submitter aspidiske500 Submitted 01/20/2021
  8. Version 1.0.0


    SSR Raise The Sail - Honoka Body レイズザセイル Press CTRL+1 or CTRL+2 to activate controls: Z+1 Change Tops Z+2 Change Bottoms 2021/01/20 V1.0 Gallery
  9. I replaced the "Mods" folder in my environment with the one you uploaded and verified it. Still, it doesn't occur. Tsukushi's skin is just not displayed because there is no skin mod. Apparently there is no possibility that the mod is conflicting. At this point, it's only possible that the "first_index" value of the costume is different between the game I'm playing and the game you're playing. However, I don't know if that can happen. Is the platform of the game you are playing DMM or Steam? By the way, I'm playing with DMM.
  10. That phenomenon doesn't occur either. I checked the code and it doesn't seem to be a problem. Maybe there are mods that are still conflicting. In some cases, the error message does not appear even if there is a conflict. It's difficult without a text editor that can search with grep, but can you search the "* .ini" files of all mods in your environment with the strings "841954d8" and "be8c32e9"? If you see something like "hash = 841954d8", that mod should have influenced this outfit. If you still can't find it, try pressing Ctrl + Alt + F10 as a last resort. Howeve
  11. Thank you for reporting. I downloaded the mod again from this page and verified it. However, I didn't see any problems with the uploaded mods and the symptom you reported did not occur. The image below is the verification image. A possible cause of this phenomenon is if there is a conflict between this mod and a mod created by someone else in your environment. The image below is an image of my mod and the mod created by Mr.sarsha043033 intentionally enabled at the same time. If you press "F10" in
  12. It is unlikely that I can provide useful information about that. I only know how to make it transparent with [CustomShaderTransparency].
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