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  1. Thank you, that did help my issue (I feel like an idiot). However now I have another issue that my characters body is invisible. I run the meshes through bodyslide and yet whenever I get bound my character goes invisible.
  2. For instance whenever I talk to Chloe, she says nothing. I can advance the dialogue but I am the only one talking. Another issue is that some clothing items, like the straightjacket, are invisible and do not load. My mod order is Zaz animation pack 7 SexLab Devious Devices SexLab Aroused SkyUI_SE SOSRace Menu Spank that Ass Sexist Gaurds Deviously Helpless DD_Helpless RaceMenu XPMSE RaceMenuPlugin FNIS SimplyKnock SL Survival Deviously Cursed Loot Hunterborn Devious Folowers Deviosly Enslaved
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