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  1. Greetings, modder-types! With all of the body-scalers available, it's hard to fit all of the animations to all body types. I'm constantly seeing teen and oddly-shaped models with penises emerging out of their navels, lower backs, or the back of the head because the animator didn't account for variation in the torso area/head size of the recipient or the penis size/shape of the giver. Considering the base male/female blender models we use are from like 2017, I imagine they must be really difficult to update (or unable to be updated due to some code in the base game), bu
  2. First off, love your work. You do a great service to the Sims community. Two pregnancy-related requests: 1. Considering in IRL, 98%+ of pregnancies come from P in V climax, I'd love it if there was a toggle to restrict pregnancies to P in V climax animations (when no protection is used). Even better would be a much smaller chance of pregnancy from vaginal animations, and a much larger chance from vaginal climax animations, but the benefit may not be worth the extra work for you. 2. I would personally love it if you could open up animation support for multip
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