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  1. Seems to be coming together! keep up the good work
  2. Can you or anyone else, upload previous version of the mod? the game crashes while trying to load the save, new game works fine, i deleted old versions cuz i was sure there was no reason for it to do that... big rip right there.
  3. It looks sick, does this have 3bbb support? or if not will it have?
  4. Hey y'all, so im having a problem with things like tats, and other overlays that are aplied via race menu or slave tats, they disapear under transparent clothing, i saw others had the same problem with that, is there no fix for that? or am i just not aware of one.
  5. this still works but you won't have breast physics on new devices that version 5.0 added
  6. Nice, what about the 3bbb bodyslides?, i know its prob common question and it might be annyoing, but it would be nice to have proper physics on new devices.
  7. The way i did it on previous version of DCL, is that i installed those 3bbb bodyslides for DCL through nexus mod manager (and every other mod i got) and it worked, i could see them in bodyslide, but now after installing DCL 9.0 i can't see them, i even installed those bodyslides again. So are you saying i should install them without mod manager, just manually? Edit: Nevermind im a dumbass, i can't see them in group filter no more, but they are still there... cheers for conversions and all the work!
  8. Question, so i just installed DCL 9.0 i haven't played skyrim yet as im in bodyslide, so i was using before 3BBB bodyslides for DCL as they didn't come with support for 3BBB, now im building outfits in bodyslide, but for some reason the group for 3BBB bodyslides is gone. This is the post i got the bodyslides Does new version of DCL come with support for 3BBB or just those bodyslides need to be updated?
  9. Ah ok, well i don't care about them that much, i was just curious about it, cheers for the answer!
  10. Nice the smp physics is working on all of them but im having problem, on most of them the part of legs is missing. On the cbbe bodyslides it didn't do that.
  11. Hey y'all, so i was wondering, does anybody know any good mods for skyrim SE that add latex catuits and just latex stuff in general, also it would be nice if it worked with 3bbb body. I know there is mod called "shiny catsuits" but i don't think it works with 3BBB
  12. Im getting CTD'S while trying to expel cum, but only sometimes, any body had the same problem?
  13. For some reason, the hair is inside of the body, i am using 3BBB and i did run it through bodyslide, does this not work for 3BBB?
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