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  1. Monica: Nagisa: Nyotengu: Patty: HI_Monica_L_HL_C2.DDS HI_Nagisa_L_HL_C2.DDS HI_Nyotengu_L_HL_C2.DDS HI_Patty_L_L_C2.DDS
  2. Leifang: Luna: Marie: Momiji: HI_Leifang_L_HL_C2.DDS HI_Luna_L_XL_C2.DDS Hi_MarieRose_M_HL_C1.DDS HI_Momiji_L_HL_C2.DDS
  3. Kanna: Kasumi and Misaki (they share the same texture): Kokoro: HI_kanna_L_HL_C2.DDS HI_Kasumi_M_HL_C2.DDS HI_Kokoro_L_HL_C2.DDS
  4. Hi all, I finally had time to update the skins of all the girls I have at the moment. Also, I found the same pubic hair texture for all girls boring, and tried to design different style for each of them. I have not planned on 4K textures yet, since both HD and 4K textures look the same on my potato PC. Sorry tesukawenxuan I did not make the shaved versions, I tried but the girls look so much like dolls to me. So without further ado, here are my re-painted skins Ayane: Helena Hitomi
  5. There is also no information about Monica's nationality, but her name `Monica' is an ancient name of North African origin. In the end, she has a pair inspired by Egyptian girls. HI_Monica_L_HL_C1.DDS
  6. Patty is an unique girl who deserves an unique look. Since there is no information about her origin, I went ahead and assumed that she is from New Zealand, a Māori girl to be specific. Her Polynesians nipples and aerolae are dark and reddish. HI_Patty_L_L_C1.DDS
  7. My last update this weekend: re-painted Helena's breasts. For her, the original color was already very good. I just added more details for a pair of light pink French charms. My poor Helena is only 23, but looks like 30 in this game. HI_Helena_L_HL_C1.DDS
  8. Since Kokoro is an apprentice geisha, I decided on a more traditional look for her breasts. Her nipples and areolae are light brown to project both her half Japanese origin and her sweet personality. Also, I modified Ayane's file to improve the blending around her breasts (mentioned by HattoWW), and Kanna's file to emphasized a little more on the nipples. HI_Kokoro_L_HL_C1.DDS HI_Ayane_L_HL_C1.DDS HI_kanna_L_HL_C1.DDS
  9. You have very good eyes. I did not notice the changes in color. I have changed the blending in that area of her skin a bit and attached the new version for Leifang with this reply. HI_Leifang_L_HL_C1.DDS
  10. Since Kanna is an Oni, searching for "redhead demon loli" did not give me any good suggestion for her nipples. In the end, I decided to look for pictures of ginger hair Norwegian girls, and Kanna has the very pale and pinkish nipples of Germanic women. I also modified Marie's nipples a little to make them look nicer and attached the new version with this post. Hi_MarieRose_M_HL_C1.DDS HI_kanna_L_HL_C1.DDS
  11. I don't have much free time after work, so I will update the basic skin versions with pubic hair first. After finish re-painting the breasts, I will try to re-paint the shaved versions.
  12. My update for this weekend: re-painted Marie's breasts. For the loli Swedish girl, I decided on small light brown nipples and slightly puffy areolae. On a side note, I have won 14 girls with the gacha now. So there will be more updates in the future. Hi_MarieRose_M_HL_C1.DDS
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