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  1. A while back I saw a huge quest mod for skyrim that added a bunch of content with futa as the main focus, forgot what it's called and now I can't find it. On the main page I remember it had a gif loop of a futa walking and and her cock swaying. Anyone know that I'm talking about?
  2. Yeah I tried opening them with Windbg Preview, reads files larger than 0 KB just fine. I use the SKSE.ini file to create the DMP files
  3. I figured out that it was a few mods that replaced the same thing, I just disabled and enabled a bunch mods until it stopped crashing, but would still like to know why the file size is 0 KB for future reference if needed
  4. Whenever my game crashes and it makes the DMP file the size of it is 0 KB and makes it unreadable, anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Not all the mods are futa and my game is also unstable so I wouldn't recommend using this exact setup but I hope this helps
  6. I've looked through the entire loverslab section for skyrim LE for as much futa mods as possible. That was a long time ago so it would take too long to get all the links to the ones I have, but I'll send screenshots of my mod load order on mod organizer.
  7. Futa quest and futa dom world are the ones I've played so far and they're great. There's this visual novel on IGG games called my stepmom is a futanari, looks pretty small but could be worth it
  8. I used an older version that had a textures folder and it worked fine.
  9. I know this is old but can this replacer be used with other main menu replacers?
  10. The latest version of this mod doesn't include a Textures folder so do I have to make it myself in order for this to work properly? In the older version in mega, they include a Textures folder
  11. So after I make a new profile and it converts all the images into dds files then try to apply the loading screen profile to my game, I get this error thing in the console
  12. So this isn't a load screen menu replacer, just a collection of images to use for Glev's loading screen maker mod? EDIT: Never mind. I deleted everything before the "NSFWImages" part so it's without the numbers and the first file works like a normal winrar file with all the images. Idk what to do about the other two though.
  13. So I'm guessing this mod requires sexlab, does it require anything else? Also what mod makes all the female npcs into futas? EDIT: Nevermind I saw the required mods, but still a little confused on what mod I need to make all females futas
  14. Amazing work, can't wait for more
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