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  1. In theory, yes, someone could use the same approach I used for futanari to attach a clitoris (and yes, the futanari "micropenis" was modeled to look like a large clitoris). Labia might be a little trickier because the game likes to cast unwanted shadows on the base model when using that technique. I did mention the possibility for clitoris size traits to the Carnalitas maintainer once, and they mentioned that they weren't too interested in maintaining clit size traits though, so I wouldn't push the issue. I'm not planning to do it, but if someone wanted to make a clitoris size
  2. You're welcome. I like to encourage people to reuse my code and assets, so feel free to repackage them how you like. The seam looks similar to the "ghostly fig leaf" from the image on page 3 of this thread. The female penis in this mod is actually an accessory like the fig leaf is, rather than part of the base character model. The shadow is from the game not expecting accessories to intersect with the character model, and trying to add the shadow cast from it being close. With some work, you can almost make the shadow disappear from places you don't want by delicately positionin
  3. The traits usage pointed out there is specific to the trait_portrait_modifiers context, as documented in gfx/portraits/trait_portrait_modifiers/_trait_modifier.info in the base game. I am not receiving the indicated error when running my game. Try running the game with only these mods activated: Carnalitas Simple Shafts Simple Shafts - Carnalitas I remember from earlier in the thread that you have been doing your own modding on top of these mods, so make sure you are using unmodified versions of these mods. If you still get the same errors, I may n
  4. It's actually a big pain to maintain this mod. I have to do hundreds of find-replace changes to every place male models or genes are referenced, replace those instances with whatever the female model is using. The genes file specifically is very tedious to do. I'm going to deprecate this mod until I find an easier method (or until Paradox adds gay marriage, jeeze!)
  5. New update. I probably should have bumped the version to 2.0 last version, but better late than never. This version seeds all world characters with different penis sizes, has eunuchs no longer visibly having testicles, and makes the penis size gene affect the model slightly even with Carnalitas size traits enabled.
  6. I did not create this game rule; it is from Carnalitas, and like all Carnalitas rules it is off by default. The "Simple Shafts - Carnalitas" mod is just for compatibility, and as the OP explains, it acts differently whether the rule is on or off.
  7. You probably didn't set the "Carnalitas: Body Part Traits" game rule to "Enabled". The traits will not affect size when set to "Disabled". Note that while penis size traits will affect the ruler designer character model when "Enabled", breast size traits will only affect the character in-game. I've mentioned a workaround for this to the Carnalitas maintainers though.
  8. The OP explains here: Was there something specific you were wondering about?
  9. Mod updated for base game 1.2. Now with optional support for Carnalitas size trait and futanari.
  10. In 01_clothes.txt, where you modify ruler_designer_clothes, you should probably also remove the two morph = { ... } blocks. They make the character model skinny so they don't clip through clothes, but it makes them look off when nude.
  11. The easiest way would probably be to use Simple Slits, but replace the gfx\models\portraits\female_body\female_body_diffuse.dds in my mod with the one in this one. If it looks a little off, you could also replace the gfx\models\portraits\female_body\blendshapes\female_bs_body_pussy.mesh with the one from here too.
  12. Updated version for compatibility with base game version 1.2.* Simple Shafts will take a little longer.
  13. Yeah, that spot had given me some issues in the past. I think it's due to some normals on the base mesh (or some of the blendshapes) I might have set poorly. The lighting engine in this game is kind of strange, and give odd results sometimes. I've kind of taken a break from ck3 modding until the base game gets another patch, but I'll probably try to fix the glare again when that happens.
  14. Not sure what would cause this for some people but not others. Best advice is this: open simple_slits.mod with a text editor, and change the line that starts with 'path=' to have the path point to the simple_slits folder. If you're on Windows, it will probably look something like this path="C:/Users/[Username]/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod/simple_slits" The game usually sets this to the right path itself, but maybe on your machine it is having problems.
  15. Originally, I made the fig leaf disappear by setting its texture to be invisible, so that it's still there, but you just can't see it. This is what the diffuse file is for. Later, somebody had a bug (that I could not recreate on my version) where the invisible fig leaf was still casting shadows on the character's body. I compensated for this by adding a blendshape (ss_male_clothes_secular_western_nudity_01_bs_move_away.mesh), which moves the fig leaf below the character's feet. This blendshape is set in the .asset file to always be active. These two methods to remove the leaf should actuall
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