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  1. It's anytime I shoot one of the robots that come with them, not the raiders themselves.
  2. You might remember me from my thread where I was trying to work through the mod problems. There have been...other mod issues, but more silliness than anything else (collision for certain scenes not working properly so...yeah, some funny sights). But, I have come across a new problem, and I'm not sure if it's mod related or just Fallout 4 being Fallout 4. I researched this via Google and whatnot, and the methods there didn't work...so I thought I might get some answers here. It all began when I first encountered Ada...and it was an accidental encounter, I was on my way to another mission and just wandered into the encounter. There were new enemies on the field, the 'Rust Devils' I believe they're called and their robots. First time I encountered them outside Tenpines bluff, no issue...but having decided to enter the downtown core, virtually every time I encounter them and shoot their robots...the game crashes back to Desktop. No error message, nothing. And it only ever happens when I'm dealing with them. So, here are my mods in order (top being level 0 priority), and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's the mods causing the crash, or some other issue. All mods are the most recent vesions, and being run through Mod Organizer 2. -Non-mod DLC's, 0-6 -Unofficial Fallout Patch (community fixes) -HotC SE -Diverse Bodies -Torture Devices -Devious Devices -Atomic Lust -FourPlay animations by Crazy -F04 Animations by Leito -FP Autonomy -FP Violate -VinFamy CP -Crazy Animations Rug -Crazy Animations Gun -Enhanced Vanilla Bodies (uncut erect) -CBP Physics for Fallout 4 -MTM Physics Preset -Slave and Model poses -Savage Cabbages Animation pack -AAF Vanilla Kinky Creatures Set -Vio Strapons -Farelle Animation Mod Dev -AAF bondage animations -Zaz Skeletons -Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -Unique Player -Bodyslide and Outfit studio -Looks Menu -F04 Dog penises -AAF - One Patch to Bang them All -four_play -Advanced Animation Framework -Armor and Weapons Keywords -Leito's F04 Alternate Female Voices -Prisoner Shackles -Unique Player Bods preset -Unique Player Bods Mod -LL4P F4SE Patch -F4SE 6.21 Scripts -Fourplay patch If it's the mods causing the issue, and it's not something easily solvable, should I just start with a fresh new vanilla game? Because I've never actually beaten Fallout 4, I keep playing it, getting a good distance...and then stop playing for months because RL and lose track of where I am, and I really want to actually beat it this time.
  3. Finally, it looks like I have everything working. The missing information, which I couldn't find anywhere and had to figure out for myself, was WHERE you had to write a batch-build. Now there's no texture glitching, the model is fully adjusted naked or with clothes (at least the jumpsuit). The 'where' of it was in the Unique Player Bodyslide patch mod folder. Crossing my fingers that nothing else breaks and I finally get to play.
  4. Holy freaking hell. Now it's back to 'Slider settings working' but 'textures screwed up'. All I did was change my mod order according the 'Installing Unique Player with Mod Manager' thread.
  5. Well, fixed the F4SE problem, I had watched a video about putting the overwrite data into a mod of its own over 48 hours ago...and forgot I had it there, so the Fourplay F4SE patch was being screwed up...so I turned off and removed that 'mod', and it fixed the problem. The texture problem is resolved, to, I reinstalled Fallout 4. But, of course, fix one problem, another problem resurfaces...now my Bodyslide settings aren't taking. I'm leery about hitting 'build' because apparently that overwrites the default meshes in the real Fallout 4 folder, and I have no idea how to get it to safely write to the Unique Player mod folders. I have a Unique Player patch that's supposed to make it Bodyslide work with it...buuut so far nothing. Seriously, wtf do I have to do to have everything working at the same time? I follow the directions to the T, and it's always one thing screwing up after another after another in a god damn circle. And I know it works because I see people's videos where they HAVE it working. I have been spending almost all day every day for the last 4 days working on this and have yet to do much in the game. It LOOKED like it was all working properly at one point, only for F4SE to break and my player model to revert when I loaded a save.
  6. Spoke too soon. Character reverts to default form when clothes are on.
  7. The body shape now works in game! Huzzah! Finally, my character has the body I designed!...only now F4SE has stopped working again, and I'm getting texture overlap from the vanilla and CBBE.
  8. Ok, Fixed the bloody F4SE problem. Now I'm back to my character looking like a burn victim and the body changes not taking.
  9. Fixed the problem with Bodyslide and CBBE. It was a dumbass move on my part, the directory where Mod Organizer was putting everything wasn't the directory I wanted (when I was doing one of the fresh reinstalls, I forgot to change the paths), so I set up on on the right one and now it works! Huzza! ... Only now F4SE isn't working again. Getting the message that the scripts haven't been installed properly, which is odd because it was working fine right up until I fixed my first problem. This is getting ridiculous, one problem gets fixed and another one pops up. Fix that problem and another one comes up. Fix THAT one and your first problem pops up again.
  10. Update: I did a clean install, went through each mod step by step (what an adventure that was), got everything working again...except the original problem. For some reason, upon loading a save, or doing any animation, I lose my bodyslide settings and it reverts to default vanilla, right down to the underwear. Also, another issue that I was generally fine with but perhaps it's part of what's causing the problems, is that my character looks like a burn victim. Do I need to install any special texture packs to go along with these, or is it a sign that something worse has come along?
  11. And now a new problem has cropped up: I can't get past the part where the husband is killed and the baby taken. The people don't even go to the other Cryopod so that sequences never gets done. Update again: Aaaand I thought I had it figured out, following a guide on Youtube about not having files in your overwrite section...loaded my save...and then part way through, F4SE is suddenly not installed properly...despite testing to see if the added animations worked (and they did). It seems like every time there's an apparent solution to the problem, something else goes wrong.
  12. I know this has probably been beaten to death, but I seem to be having an issue I can't find a solution to. Simply put, I'm using Mod Organizer 2. I had Bodyslide and CBBE working just fine today, saved my game and went about the rest of my day. Decided to add a few mods, which naturally messed up my save (luckily, not very far along), and went to create a new game. Suddenly, Bodyslide couldn't load any of its prefabs, and couldn't batch build without being run through the VFS. So using that, I designed a character body I liked, loaded up the game...hey! There she was! But as soon as I run a single sex animation (usually do Atomic Lust laydown fingering) to test to see if it's functional, -wham- the default model is back. It's frustrating because it -was working-, and all I did was add Violate and the recommended mods for it. Again, I'm not entirely certain if it's CBBE failing...but it's getting frustrating trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
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