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  1. I got attack by wolves, pressed "K" and waited for events to play out. Expect, nothing happened. The wolves just stayed there, and after about 10-15 sec my character stood up and that was it. No sex animations at all.
  2. Nice. Tried it out and it seems to work okay, only thing i noticed was that surrendering to animals resultet in nothing. Is that a bug or by design? In defeat surrendering to all kinds of creatures was possible.
  3. Any idea on how to figure out which outfit is filling the slot and how to change that into milk mod outfit? Will try the SOS thing.
  4. A lot of mods are connected to defeat, is Naked Defeat compatible with say, simple slavery, sanguines debauchery etc?
  5. No, it CBBE, but even tho I changed bodybuild to cbbe and loaded the save it was still invisible.
  6. Cosio is this body: Uploaded a screenshot to show what I see in my game. The meshes are obviously there, but wont appear on my body. ScreenShot2.bmp
  7. The milk harness/cruiass is invisible for some reason. I am using the Cosio body and have built the harness in bodyslyde, yet it remains invisible. Help?
  8. I solved the problem by reinstalling skyrim and avery single mod.
  9. I got the v2.1.7z for legendary.
  10. Hi For some reason I keep falling through the floor whenever I star a new game with the "Live another life mod" on legendary edition. Also my head, arms and feet are missing. So are most of the walls, roof and floor. I`ve tried reinstalling everything, but the problem remains. Anyone had this happen to them and know how to fix it?
  11. How does this mods differ form the OG SLUTS Redux?
  12. Game keeps crashon on load for some reason. Works without Maria Eden, but whenever I enable this mod the game crashed on load...
  13. Ah, no point in keeping the mod then. Liked the idea, too bad it was never finished.
  14. So the mod ends after arriving at the gate on "The only way to travel" quest?? Lurgi and Burgi just stand around dpoing nothing..
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