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  1. For your first question, invisible body parts means that you clicked "Save" in BodySlide. Doing that will save the zap settings to your body preset. Unfortunately, due to hidden zaps used to prevent clipping, these zaps don't transfer well between outfits, causing some hidden zaps to be activated improperly. The solution is to either re-install your body preset or open the preset xml and delete the "zap" lines. Should take care of it. As for why the sleeves are invisible in first person, it's because first person is weird and having the sleeves active would probably lead to all sor
  2. It's no secret that Skyrim desperately needs hurdy gurdy music. Yes. So...is there any?
  3. Yeah, MO2 can be a bit complicated, but it's totally worth it once everything is in order. That's almost certainly where your issues are. The things you've described make me wonder about something. When you installed MO2, did you use a fresh Skyrim install, or the one you'd been using with NMM? It kinda looks like you still have mods lying around in your game data folder or something. For MO2, I think it's recommended that you start with a totally fresh, untouched SSE installation.
  4. Gotcha. First of all, it's a tad strange that you're talking about the regular and physics versions when you say you downloaded the HDT-SMP version. That package shouldn't contain the CBBE base or physics sets, only the (SMP) armors intended for the CBBE SMP (3BBB) body. In any case, I think I can tell you what your problem is, although I don't know if I know how to solve it just now. The problem is this: the armors that work for you are using "local" slider data only - all defined in the armor set's osp file. The ones that don't work are linking information from the "CBB
  5. Okay. Most important question first: which package did you install? And second - could you list all the armors that are giving you this error? I may have identified the source of the issue, but I'll need more instances to confirm it. Update: After looking into the situation more deeply, I'm fairly sure my diagnosis is correct. Could you confirm the following items: #1 - Are you opening BodySlide properly through MO2? #2 - Is BodySlide configured for SSE instead of LE? #3 - In your MO2 data tab, if you open CalienteTools->BodySlide->ShapeData->CBBE
  6. I see. I examined the presets and stuff. It looks like there are a lot of extreme values there (especially with the "Smaller" sliders negative values). Hm. As for why the original pieces work so much better - I have no idea. At some point I must have changed something, I guess. In any event, I've made a note to doublecheck and see if I can improve the situation for the next release. In the mean time, I guess your best bet will probably be to open up the project in Outfit Studio and see if you can manually touch up the top you're looking to use. If you're only doing o
  7. Thanks for the interest. I'm already making a replacer - for my own game at least. But even then, standing between me and sharing it with everyone, it looks like there'll be a crapton of "asking for permission," which would probably delay things significantly. It's entirely probable that someone else will beat me to the punch. Ah well. One way or another, it's likely that everyone will enjoy a replacer version. Eventually. Probably.
  8. Thanks for the attempt. As you can see in the picture, there's no problem with the flat normal map. Thus, as you say, my normal maps are somehow indeed borked. My hope is that someone will have encountered this issue before and will be able to lead me in the path of deborkification.
  9. Newly made, baked from a sculpt. I took the low-res mesh from the game, subdivided, and used that as my base mesh. Then I used multiresolution to sculpt on top of it, then baked new tangent normals from the result. So the UV unwrapping is essentially unchanged from the game mesh. Thanks for the attempt, but that didn't do the trick either. I've already recalculated the mesh normals, and they don't look obviously wrong.
  10. Primarily for copying bone weights from reference, other weight-painting related tasks, and generally finalizing the look and characteristics of the nif before sticking it into the game.
  11. So I've been working on some creature mesh remesh/retextures, and I've hit a snag (and not for the first time). Situation: In Blender, everything looks fine in all modes (even Render mode, from what I can tell). I export the OBJ (or NIF). I look at the new mesh in BodySlide to see how it'll look in-game. I use the same normal map that was used in Blender. It's all screwed up. That's essentially the situation. As the following images show, somewhere between "Everything looks good in Blender" and "Now it's in BodySlide," something goes wrong. It looks like some se
  12. I'm not sure what you're describing. Did you install all the required mods that are listed on the page? Did you build the sets in BodySlide? If you have another clothing replacer, you may need the compatibility plugin I've added.
  13. Uh, sorry chappie, no keywords added. The replacers are just replacers, and the standalone esp records are just copied from vanilla. I've never used Sexlab Survival and don't know what the bikini keyword does, so even if I were going to add it in, I'd have no way of testing it. Sorry. But it sounds like a simple fix in SSEedit. I guess. I've never done it either. But it's probably the sort of thing you could do yourself if you wanted. Probably just typing in the right word in the right field.
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