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  1. A Brazilian Portuguese translation by Ayrthwil has been added to version 3.6! Please re-download ERO 3.6 if you are Brazilian or Portuguese and would like the translation!
  2. Indeed, and thank you for helping! ^.^ Wow, this is some of the best praise I've ever gotten for this! Thank you very much, Lodakai! I can tell from the terminology you use that you're a bit tech-y yourself, possibly also a programmer, so I'm glad you see the work I put into ERO! I try and imagine how people will be using my mod so I think having the ability to disable features you don't like is important. I'm so happy to read this, thank you for making my day! ^__^
  3. Hey guys! I just replaced the version 3.6 file with one that adds a German translation by Ulrike. Re-download ERO 3.6 if you're German and would like the translation in your game! 😄
  4. Hey guys! It's time for a huge quality of life upgrade to ERO that I think you'll love! Version 3.6 is starting to roll out to patrons! Now you can open all ERO Settings interactions and debug (shift+click) interactions through the relationship panel, including for Sims who are not currently spawned in the map! This will dramatically increase the speed at which you can edit your Sims and their preferences and move those values around to your heart's content. Nifty, huh? I also added a lot more nationality traits, fixed a few minor bugs, and added a great Italian translation by a sweet Simmer called @Bizarro. Check out the goodies when you can! 😀 Feature list: -Added support for opening all ERO Settings interactions and debug (shift+click) interactions through the relationship panel, including for Sims who are not currently spawned. -Fixed some icons that turned into llamas when involving a Sim who was not currently spawned. -Added nationality traits: Algerian, Andorran, Angolan, Antiguan, Argentine, Aruban, Bahamian, Bahraini, Bangladeshi, Barbadian, Barbudan, Belizean, Beninese, Bhutanese, Bissau-Guinean, Bolivian, Bonairean, Bosnian, Brazilian, Bruneian, Burkinabe, Burmese, Burundian -Added Italian translation by Bizarro.
  5. Thanks for the input, I'll tweak it a bit when I get a chance!
  6. I just made a little update to 3.5 to make translating the mod even easier. I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to try translating ERO into languages other than Russian and Spanish. PM me or talk to me on Discord if you'd be willing to give it a shot. A good tutorial and a nice program for translating for the Sims 4 are here: https://modthesims.info/d/644008/th...ator-alpha.html https://ilkavelle.wixsite.com/simsq...add-translation https://bestsimsmods.com/the-sims-4-translator/ ^.^
  7. S4CL now has update version 1.67. If you download that one, it should fix it! 😄
  8. Found it! It's actually an issue with S4CL, which is rare, and also makes sense why I couldn't find it, but I let the mod author know and he'll upload a fix asap. Then all you'll have to do is update S4CL to fix it. ^.^
  9. Thanks for understanding! In the meantime, I'm not sure if this would help but have you tried turning off the "Ask to Flirt Back" option in ERO Settings? In my estimation it was the pop-up question that seemed to be messing up, so maybe turning that off would stop the error notifications until it's fixed.
  10. Thanks for the reports! I've applied what may be the fix, please re-download ERO and let me know if that fixes it for you. 😃 Edit: Okay, after some more testing, that didn't fix it, but I'll pinpoint it and update 3.5 as soon as I find what it is - I'm on it! ^_^ These latest game patches have broken basically every mod ever, it's kind of a disaster for the modding community at the moment. 😆
  11. With the latest Sims patch, there is an error introduced with categories that requires an update of S4CL to the latest version, so if you update your game please also update S4CL. 👍
  12. Nope, because everyone's views of what "big" is changes wildly, especially with the sliders available. The best solution that accounts for all of the mods and sliders available to change the sizes of your Sims is to set it manually.
  13. Currently that is not an option, though I may add that in the future if there is demand. 😄
  14. The code responsible was removed from WW after his patrons discovered it. I don't imagine there will be any such issues again.
  15. Yep! They'll get buffs indeed, you should see them once your Sim finds another attractive and is around them.
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