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  1. Anyone has a stable adult modded skyrim he is willing to share (Only MO folders)? Package could contain Graphical and gameplay overhauls.
  2. Very nice! Do you use bones or blendshapes for facial customization?
  3. https://www.undertow.club/threads/black-desert-online-resorepless-nude-mod.9098/
  4. How are you working on a sex mod, when there are no modtools yet? What assets are you creating?
  5. no but he accepted my friend request on nexus forums a few days ago. but nexus wont let me message him His account must automatically accepts friend requests. His nexus status says "Last active: 1:32, 10 Feb 2017". I also wish that he would return some day and finish this mod some day, but I think at this point this is not very likely. He is either dead or got a girlfriend
  6. Couldn't the SKSE/F4SE Team ask Bethesda for help? I mean SKSE-based mods took a real big part in keeping Skyrim alive and driving sales over the years. If it werent for mods Skyrim would be utterly shit.
  7. One thing that always bothered me was that being in succubus form doesn't drain any energy. It would be cool if it drains Succubus energy. The force transform could also be bound to succubus energy instead of arousal (at least for transforming back).
  8. Here's a little peek onto my succubus character: I created a simple body texture using the argonian texture as overlay.
  9. Isn't there a option to have the male actor cum? I mean sex without cumming is a little boring...
  10. Doesn't work for me. I wont even show up in the mod menu...
  11. Does this mod actually adds interactive apps for the pipboy? How did you do this?
  12. I would like it if the screen shortly fades to black while the actors are positioned, when other animations are selected and when the sex act ends. This would make the whole act seem more fluid since we dont get to see the awkward orientation of the actors where they are literally teleported next to each other.
  13. Hi, how do I remove the glow effect from the eyes? If I replace PSQSuccubusEye.dds and PSQSuccubusEye_g.dds with the tp12 ones it does change the eye texture, but the glowing remains... Edit: Figured it out myself: You have to use Nifscope and change the Shader flags in the eyes nif file.
  14. Wow.. I never thought of Caliente being a girl
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