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  1. Although when I put back all the mods that I had, the same thing continues to happen to me, there are mods that are rejecting each other, would you know what they are?
  2. The problem is that I was doing the most good, except for the porn streamer mod that did not appear to me to create a channel, but I took it out to place other mods and try it without the +18 and when I wanted to put them back to continue my other game I This started to happen xD, it was from a few hours to another and before I was doing the best It's all the latest version, yesterday I downloaded everything. also remove everything and leave only WW and animations and still does the same to me.
  3. the error is simple, I create the character, I have to choose where to sleep and when I load the game I have to select a scenario. help :C lastException.txtWickedWhimsInfoLog.log
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