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    I'm a cam girl/stripper so when I discovered this fourm I was so pleased that I can act out my career in the Sims!!! As the Sims is one of my biggest passions lol

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  1. Yes!!! These look amazing!!!! Thanks @LadySmoks you out did yourself!
  2. I'm not sure if you use any NRaas mods but if you use Master Controller you can click on the Sim—>NRaas—>Master Controller—>Intermediate—>Max Motives It doesn't freeze the motives but it fills up all their motive bars which means... voila! You have a clean NPC! lol It works when you have NPCs walking around unshowered... I wish there was a proper way to actually make them shower but this works for me in a quick fix lol.
  3. Some threesome fun — celebrating the opening of the new strip club/dungeon
  4. Hey guys I downloaded Passion this summer for the first time and I want to update but I'm unsure how to do so, can anyone help me? Do I just replace the "Animated__Woohoo_Passion_Ver2.7.4.2" package file with the new one? Or do I also have to reinstall all the animations and toys and stuff with new ones? TIA
  5. Well I'm sure whatever you're working on will be great! I love your content always. Same goes for you @LadySmoks, I'm forever in y'alls debt lol. I'm excited to see what LadySmoks can do about these boots! I'm so happy you're taking them on.
  6. Thanks! I'm having a look now. They have some other cool CC if nothing else!
  7. Wow!! Those Jurassica ones are amazing!! I love those!!!!
  8. Amazing! Definitely post them here when you're done. They will be FABULOUS I'm sure. I also agree with the shorter platform. Those ones are so so high lol. I love a platform but not THAT much.
  9. These ones are really close! Thank you, I will certainly use these in the mean time. I'll see how they look in game.
  10. I'd love the first three! That would be amazing! Thank you! I'll leave the leg accessory for now but I appreciate it. But yea if you could pm me the first 3 I'd love that. Also @LadySmoks I've heard that about laces! It definitely seems like a tricky process. If you're interested—I found some pleaser boots like these that someone made for TS4 so it would be a matter of converting to TS3... Which I've looked into but I don't have a PC right now (I'm on a Mac) so I cannot do the conversion myself, but perhaps you'd be interested?? I've attached a photo of what they look like and I ca
  11. My bars run for 23 hours so with the amount they're getting paid overtime.... they better!
  12. I've been away for awhile and haven't been able to play much recently because Uni has kicked my ass this term! But it's winter break now, and I finally got to play again and try out the strip club I placed in Lucky Palms...
  13. Hey guys I'm looking for two different kinds of heels for my game, strappy heels like these from Late Night except "impossible-heel-ified" and one's like these Pleaser boots. I thought for sure @JoshQ would have either of the two but not yet! Perhaps if I ask really nicely they will make some... O.O TIA!
  14. Hey y'all so for a few weeks or so now all the bars and lounges in my game have been open from 9am-8am. I never set them to be open for this many hours and I'm assuming it's being caused by a mod I installed but I can't for the life of me figure out which one. And I'm finding the 23hr a day clubs to be well... excessive lol. Also I looked and I don't have the Shimrod mod or bluegenjutsu's. I posted on reddit too as I have a few NRaas mods and I'm wondering if maybe they caused this but I'm also wondering if maybe it was a Passion mod. ANYWAYS just seeing if anyone else has had this problem or
  15. Yea that's the one! It does need World Adventures. It's a great add-on, I love it. And yes the club is bright for sure haha it's a "Luminous" bar set I downloaded! And yes CC/script writing is hard! I appreciate your dedication to clothes @LadySmoks!! I have tons of them in my game.
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