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    I'm a cam girl/stripper so when I discovered this fourm I was so pleased that I can act out my career in the Sims!!! As the Sims is one of my biggest passions lol

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  1. Hey y'all so for a few weeks or so now all the bars and lounges in my game have been open from 9am-8am. I never set them to be open for this many hours and I'm assuming it's being caused by a mod I installed but I can't for the life of me figure out which one. And I'm finding the 23hr a day clubs to be well... excessive lol. Also I looked and I don't have the Shimrod mod or bluegenjutsu's. I posted on reddit too as I have a few NRaas mods and I'm wondering if maybe they caused this but I'm also wondering if maybe it was a Passion mod. ANYWAYS just seeing if anyone else has had this problem or knows how to fix it (ie. put the hours back to normal). TIA!
  2. Yea that's the one! It does need World Adventures. It's a great add-on, I love it. And yes the club is bright for sure haha it's a "Luminous" bar set I downloaded! And yes CC/script writing is hard! I appreciate your dedication to clothes @LadySmoks!! I have tons of them in my game.
  3. New strip club I set up! (Still working on the stripper NPC role mod -- deceptively harder than I thought but it's coming)
  4. Also on another note - if anyone wants to take this idea over please let me know 😂 as this is v challenging - and I'm not super confident in my modding skills. But for now I will continue to trudge along.
  5. Yes that would be fantastic. I’m going to start looking into this today and I will come back here with updates. I really hope I can get this done! I have some help over on modthesims as well. We have all the parts we just have to put them together lol
  6. I have this but I was hoping to integrate the pole so dancers actually pole dance. So basically taking the functions of the exotic dancers stage and combining it with the pole and pole animations. It’s got to be possible.
  7. Follow up: I’m not opposed to doing this myself if anyone could point me in the direction of how to create a “Role” career. (I’ve tried to search and can only find rabbit hole career tutorials). Also some guidance on how to go about editing a pole to make it a “role-giving” object.
  8. Hey y'all the forum from yesterday got me thinking again about how much I'd love a stripper career in the Sims 3. Now - I don't mean a rabbithole career OR a playable career but what about an NPC Role. (ie. like musicians and mixologists) where if you put a pole on a community lot a stripper would come and dance on it for the club/bar hours. And then if you wanted to you could use NRaas Register to assign specific sims to "work" there. I've never modded anything so I'm unsure if this is doable but thought I'd throw it out there! I think it would be incredible. So basically combining the function of Misukisu's exotic dancer stage, puss n' heels pole, and Kicker's pole animations/mod.
  9. Yea! I have that pack. I really like them, I use them in my game a lot. I think my dream actually would be (as opposed to a rabbithole or even playable stripper career) would be one set up like musicians or mixologists where random NPC's will spawn to work on that pole. And then using NRaas Register you could assign selected sims to work doing that. Maybe I'll comment this on the request a mod section.
  10. If this gets finished this would be amazing!! I've been wanting a stripper career forever. Before I even found this website. A rabbithole one would be a great start. I'd love for there to be a playable one someday too but everyone seems to focus on Sims 4 instead of Sims 3 these days. Which is too bad cause in my opinion Sims 3 is superior. Thanks for starting rorjr.
  11. Do I need KinkyAnaulustAnimations AND kinkylucasanimations or just kinkylucasanimations?
  12. Hey! Do I have to install both versions or just the newest version?
  13. My sim taking the virginity and impregnating some naughty teen sims, including a threesome. (The blonde one got pregnant in the bed shots)
  14. LOL sounds like a challenge. I will have to give that a try😆
  15. Good to know! Thanks! I'll have to have her in the perfect position and then pause really fast 😂
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