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  1. good time, everyone. thank you so much for the mod!!!!! everything promises to be super, but I have a problem: whatever quest I would not take-Elvira gives instructions, asks what I should wear AND no animation/sound of dressing/undressing/changing clothes. if she throws magic at me(which, as I understood, should also transform me, the same thing.....(((((... and it doesn't matter what clothes I was wearing-they still are,I can take them off,put on something completely different and no problems,as if I'm not wearing anything. maybe I'm missing something (although everything on the list I have installed)? help me.please?tell me, please. or is it all because version 0.3 beta and everything should be like this? thank you in advance. with regard dasha.
  2. good time to you! do you find some?)))) if yes-tell me please with regard dasha
  3. Good time too all)))) it is a REAL good,AWESOME and cool!!!! hope it will be contnued..... and will be a new versions with more quest and BDSM/FETISHES)))) thanks)))) i have a small question.... " To always be recognised as Dragonborn, set the global variable 'tir_parade_assume_dragonborn' to 1. " where must i do it? i game console or in some file? i found the word " tir_parade_assume_dragonborn " in file " :\GAMES\SKYRIM\Skyrim - Legendary Edition\Data\Trapped in Rubber.esp " but it is .esp i opened it with "WordPad" and there is " GLOB4 nЦ + EDID tir_parade_assume_dragonborn FNAM sFLTV " am i on the right way? i am not a programmer but i really want to know what happened if i will be the dragonborn and make my face see to all sorry my English is bad(((( hope you can understand me and can help. with regard dasha.
  4. (((((( very sad(((and I so love black buttplugs πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’•πŸ’• and so more like a tail😍😍😍 ((((( I was hoping so much.... 😒😒😒
  5. good time to you. it is super!!! but i nee a small help)))) how can i change the color of buttplug "puppy-tail"? i have transparent, but on your screenshot it is black. i want it too))) how? 1,2 - mine 3 - here ))))) with regard dasha
  6. good time to you. sorry but i have one more question: where can i find: Komotor's Animations (SLAL pack) ? the link here is unavailable: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. i have sometimes black screen and here torture,moans,whip but see nothing. is it normal or i missed dome thing? i have the animation pack SLAL - Animations By Leito - 91216 1.6 is it normal or i nee something "bigger"? with regard dasha
  7. good time to you. IT IS SUPER!!!!! if i download and install then i will have all these wonderful things?such as: roast(rebirth on video) pony play hanging fuckmachines "hot brand from the robot" ALL of them on the video on page 1 "in description"? or i must something else to download? sorry my bad english((((( with regard dasha
  8. good time to you. please help. how to get the "image" on pip-boy? how to make it all work? sorry for my bad english((( with regard dasha
  9. good time to you. i have other problem((( the other animation...she "works on PC/keyboard" or something not suck(((( some times i can hear the "sucking sound" but i don`t see it..... ((((( what is wrong? please help. with regard dasha.
  10. i hoped so..... I was looking for something like this, and here it is.I liked it and hoped so.I asked earlier,but they didn't correct me, so I thought...I did something stupid again... thanks. with regard dasha.
  11. good time to you. will it work on fallout 4? with regard dasha.
  12. thanks for help,but i still do something wrong(((( it is not working(((( in vortex it writes about Skyrim. is it real for fallout 4? hope you understand and help me. with regard dasha.
  13. (((((( and it will never be finished???? ((((( where can i download " the concept pictures"?
  14. good time to you. how can i get it to work? what i must to do? i have VORTEX and fallout 4(if i right understand it is for it). i down load " FaceHugger4(+FoxGirlsClub) " what next? is it a quest? or i find all in MCM/settlement menu? wat for club?where it is?where can i find it? sotty my bad english....(((( with regard dasha.
  15. good time to you. i am new here,can anyone tall me how download this a gorgeous miracle? with regard dasha
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