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  1. Yah, that would be my first guess. Second guess is one of the Sexlab Stories or Sexlab Devious Stories. As far as I've seen, she pretty much just stands in the closet. Of course, Belethor is too slimy even for me. I played skyrim yesterday just to look to see from what mod she came. I forgot to look, of course. Edit: OK, looked (I remembered!) and Cry Baby is from Hydra_slavegirls.esp (Hydragorgons Slavegirls Mod).
  2. Perhaps not much help, but those of you having problems might try this quote from the patreon page: HELP> You can report bugs or issues in the comments under the post or consider joining my Discord for better and faster communication. Please do not use Community Tab to report issues! I don't know if the discord is available to everyone, but if it is, post your answers questions there and it they might get a little more attention than here.
  3. From my perspective, the "easy woohoo" fits with the lore built around this mod. The gals are given magical restraints which partially suppress their sense of sexual morality and increase their libido. But the restraints haven't been fully enchanted, which an experienced (in the sexy bandit captives mod) player character can do. An experienced player character can also remove the restraints if they choose to do so (but why, oh, I guess there are nicer folks than me out there). Choices are one the great features of this mod. Blackbird Wanderer might adjust the lore in the upcomi
  4. I don't know about the animation issues, but the invisible harness thing is possibly something to do with device hider. I don't understand the device hider and only guessed one time, adjusted a value or two and it helped.
  5. If I understand your question correctly, there are two ways to farm a new doll. One (I think it's called the foreign market) sends your chosen sim away and they are never seen again. The second option (which I don't remember what it's called, has your chosen sim waiting to be sold. Choose another household and have them buy the dolled sim.
  6. I don't know the answer to this, but you might try to assign a different boss. This action works on the patreon version but I can't say it works for the public (loverslab) version. When your character isn't on the RedAppleNet lot and it isn't time for work for your character, shift-click on your character (you might need to type "testingcheats on" in the console). Find and click on the RedAppleNet bubble. If there is a bubble for "Un-assign Boss" click that first. Then click on "Assign Boss". A list of NPCs will pop up. Choose an NPC who isn't placed in the world (the list mi
  7. Excellent! Yet another reason we eagerly (but patiently, more or less) anticipate the arrival.
  8. This is one of the better made mods out there. BlackbirdWanderer has done an excellent job in programming it. The mod runs well, has a story line (not completely fleshed out in the previous version), the captives have a bit of back story and there are a number of options as to how you deal with the captives. I really, really like it. @Blackbird Wanderer Is part of the new content an extension of the main story? Just wondering wither you wander.
  9. I know I have a Vivux video camera in my game (Vivux 3000 or something like that), and it works OK, but I can't find from where the camera comes. Are you sure this is a Ksuihuh mod?
  10. I'm a Ksuihuh patron. The January 22, 2021 patreon version is the latest there, but it's version 4.6.7 . The latest loverslab version is 4.3.2c , I don't know offhand what the differences are, but I do know that the patreon version works well for me (well, the photoshoot invite has some glitches, mostly because the workers and visitors like to spend some horizontal time with each other, if you know what I mean).
  11. If you mean while trying to sell a slave? Try an innkeeper or InnMaid (From Immersive wenches, if you have them) at an Inn for the first few slaves. When you have sold a few slaves at the inn, then city residents will be more interested in buying slaves. If you didn't mean while selling a slave, then nevermind.
  12. Hmm, just like Ms or Mr potato head. I had to laugh out loud at that picture, modular indeed. Although I remember when Mr potato head was a collection of parts one put into a real potato, no plastic body provided (or the potato, actually).
  13. A little more information might help someone help you. In what manner is it not working?
  14. No, the first folder is if you wished to create mods for the game or just to know what's under the hood. For players, the files for the latest version are on the bottom of the list. There are three operating systems covered (windows, mac, linux) and a full download and upgrade patch (if one downloaded the previous full version). You'll most likely want to download the full version of whatever your operating system is.
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