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  1. FNIS showed a warning that it wasn't installed to the right place, so I moved it but now it doesn't register the mods I have on MO2. Should I give up?
  2. I already had FNIS up and running until I downloaded a new skeleton improvement mod that used FNIS. I removed the mod and now it's working again. "Bows down in gratetude"
  3. I'm sorry for pestering you. But you are the only one who has manged to instruct me in a way I'm actually succeeding!
  4. I had it all working, but then I installed one more FNIS mod, and suddenly FNIS didn't open from MO2, I only had 1000/10000 animations, so that can't be the issue. Any suggestions? The instructions say to run the program every time one installs or uninstalls a FNIS mod.
  5. OK, Thanks. But MO2 doesn't seem to find Sexlab? How do I get it to work?
  6. I once tried modding Skyrim, but all the hoops it required jumping through made it unappealing to me. "Install LOOT","Install Mod Organizer" then Mod Organizer says that I need some other program to "clean" the mods, but some people say "cleaning" them, breaks them. There's a rigid order the mods have to be in... The only reason I'm considering it again is that I have very positive experiences with modding Sims 4, especially with this site. There's no mod order for one. So my question: are these kind of mods more flexible or would this require just as much hassle? The reason I'm as
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