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  1. Anyone please link me to non-nexus sites that offer different types of clothing, makeup, accesories etc for SE version.
  2. To be precise, an aggessive Leader of Vampy hunters~
  3. Hello. I am trying to add new custom sounds in WW scenes, that ring at the beginning and at the end of all animations, like a notification. Thx.
  4. Trying to create a separate female head accessory from this mod. Deleted hairs but the accessory still shows up in hair sliders.... Isabela Hair.7z
  5. That's what i would like to do as mentioned above >< Umm.... even for a milk drinker, i have already learned how to delete certain parts of an outfit (^ ^ ;) My issue is - "how to clearly delete outfit parts without having any pixelated rectangular rough edges around it ?". That's the plan Excuse me 4 being a cheapskate (O_O ;) Yes Sir! Thank you very much For now i will look up on Youtube. If still there is some thing that needs a bit more "Hands-on-approach", then i will make sure to bug
  6. Being a serious book addict, i read this book mentioned above, while sneaking (yet again), in Alva's house during Laid to Rest quest, and for once, really felt interested in a vampire hunter's life. Don't know why people are so crazy over Serana, a vampire. Then again, i haven't seen her even once in-game so i can't be sure what makes her so different from the rest of bloodsuckers. I don't like Isran's attitude. However, i feel its natural to feel repulsed from vampires since 99.9% of them are pure evils who attack just about anyone taking a nice, quiet stroll in some remote area. At least tha
  7. Hello. Please help a milk drinker 1) How to shorten a dress smoothly in outfit studio ? 2) How to make duplicates of the same outfit ? 3) How to recolor oufits ? Any guidance is deeply appreciated
  8. This!!!! thank goodness.... pwease link more similar hairs/accessories if possible Thank you Sir =)
  9. Thank you very much Sir!!!! Now if only there were some hairs/accessories like these for Skyrim
  10. Thank you for the kind guidance. The strongest issue i am facing is that unlike other popular 3D Games, Skyrim has little to no fancy hair mods at all that involve use of scarves, ribbons or other similar clothing. There are tons of customization options, but for hair, 99% of them are either total curly, or only with braids. I would deeply appreciate some hairs/accessories like these.
  11. My 4 days old this request over there has not even a single reply yet so i can only request here Pwease help a MILK DRINKER!!!
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