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  1. Does anyone know where to find cc that would let me make a human with a goat head? I'm also looking for a statue of Baphomet and other satanic/occult imagery. I'm turning Forgotten Hollow into a witch's coven for my dark spellcasters, and I really want a horned god to complete the household. Edit: I have some horns, and Pyxis's face paint, but I'd really love an actual goat head hat/skin detail, like this, with the long muzzle:
  2. The only one I’ve seen that I’m really crazy about is fashionroyaltysims’ Kylie J. I’m looking for transparent skin overlays rather than full color opaque masks, so the kind that add shadows/highlights/contouring over the sim’s normal skin tone.
  3. How to turn off simdulgence’s cocks when randomizing clothing bottoms in CAS? There are a lot of cocks, so they’re randomly selected all the time, even on women.
  4. When I click on an urn to bring a sim back to life, it says my household is too big, even though I only have four sims. Why is this happening?
  5. This would be perfect for an office scene.
  6. I have a hat I need to increase the vertical height of (with the creator’s permission to edit the mesh). How do I do this?
  7. I accidentally posted this question in the wrong forum before. I used the cloning machine four times, and now I need animations that use all of them. Which animation packs have any of these: FFFF, FFFF+ (female foursome or more) MFFFF, MFFFF+ (MF fivesome or more)
  8. How can you have sex in water? This is something I’ve been looking for.
  9. I used the clone machine four times, and now I need some animations for my clone quadruplets. What have you got?
  10. The Sim Ray lets you make a sim change clothes, but only to the regular CAS options. Is there a mod to allow nudity as well, or to let you strip clothes one part at a time like wicked whims lets you?
  11. Is it possible to batch edit package files in S4S? (To edit multiple files at once, like to retag CAS slot used or turn random on/off)
  12. Being fucked at the DJ booth while still spinning records is an animation I’d love to have if it exists. It would also be great if similar animations exist for getting fucked from behind while using a computer (like at an office desk), while doing dishes, reading, doing homework or other things like that. I think I have one of getting fucked while looking in the fridge but that’s it afaik.
  13. I wasn’t sure about that, because ksuihuh’s AEP page says his venue list contains all the others, so I wasn’t sure if his was specifically necessary for his mods. https://ksuihuh.wixsite.com/corner/aep “Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other moders I'm aware of: LittleMsSam's, Zerbu's, Basemental's, Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and itasan2's Get To College Mod. So If you use one of this mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList.”
  14. If I have LittleMsSam’s More Buyable Venues and New Venue Types also installed (as Zerbu tells you to do to install Turbo Careers), which files do I need to delete from those in order to add ksuihuh’s venue list without causing conflicts?
  15. Can anyone recommend a skin with the features of lighter palms of hands and feet, lighter nails, and darker upper lip than bottom (like this)?
  16. Mom bakes edibles, dad just got so mad he sent his teen to rehab. Pretty ridiculous. How do I make parents not care about drug use?
  17. Nice! I love the background in these pics. Which lot do you have them living at?
  18. I want to make superhero characters who can transform between two different bodies, similar to the Hulk. The only transforming occults I’m aware of are aliens, vampires, and mermaids. Do I just need to make an alien and download a tuning mod to get rid of the alien voice and traits (such as other sims reacting to alien)? These are human characters, so I really don’t want people to have occult reactions to them.
  19. Does becoming an AEP career porn star increase your fame level?
  20. Is there a mod that allows various kinds of kissing, cuddling, etc, to be used as friendly interactions in addition to romantic ones? I want the ability to let sims with only friendly relationships kiss each other as if they were in a romantic relationship. Is there a way to add these options to the friendly menu?
  21. I’m looking for a metal cot, but when I search for that, all I get is baby cribs. This is the kind of thing I’m looking for.
  22. I’d love to have a mod that lets you play animated poses when the sim isn’t doing anything, for example dancing seductively while standing still without anything in queue. Is there any mod that will let you do this?
  23. Does anyone know where to find a spiral eye overlay, animated if possible?
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