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  1. Excellent Mod, well done! Could you include a JPEG file of logo #1 (main Logo) I'd like to make a billboard and posters to advertise the channel around my neighborhoods.
  2. I have an idea but I have no idea how to make animations, so I hope someone that does may pick up on this. Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way. Instead of making a double bed that can accommodate 3 people, we need to look at a single bed that has no animation attached to it. Here's how I think it could go. By using bb.moveobjects cheat you place 3 single beds together but the middle bed is a clone of the single bed you're using and has no animation for getting in or out of bed. In this way the Sims using the 2 exterior beds get in normally but the Sim in the middle just hops into bed with no getting into bed animation attached. From that point on all animations act in the usual way. Getting out of bed would be the same, they just appear out of bed. I know it would look a bit choppy on getting into and out of bed but it would satisfy the need to have 3 sleeping in what appears to be a single bed. In TS3 people made bunk beds that acted something like this. The person using the upper bed just appeared in the bed when you clicked on it but all other animation was present. I have no idea how to control animations or even how to find them but if someone can make a "cloned" single bed like that I'm sure it would suit our needs.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I took a look at the Animation State Machine and editing that would be way above my abilities. As far as a link, that's a tough one too. I must have 30 or 40 different pose sets from different creators. I might use one or two poses from each set. I've been doing glamour pics of my Sims for years I just have a different way of doing it but I like your concept better If I was to pick one set of poses, it would be "Model Pose Active". The creator is Simstailored on The Sims Resource. Thanks again for the reply and the great work that you do.
  4. Also, I have a question for Ksuihuh: Is there a place in the Mod where I might be able to add or include more poses? I like the ones you have but I'd like to have more variety and I have many poses that would work well in the mod.
  5. Don't know if this will help at all but I've developed a small studio that works nicely. Very little CC as the rooms came right from the EA Gallery. The CC that I've added you don't necessarily need, mostly posters and a billboard I designed myself. Anyway here's the zip file: Picture Perfect Studio.zip
  6. Just downloaded the latest update. The Photo Studio is a great idea and something I've been looking for, for a long time. I've run into one problem though. I can't buy the studio. I use Little MsSam's Venue List and the designation "Photo Studio" shows up in the venue types but it doesn't show up in the extended venues that are for sale. Is there a way that I'm missing to buy the photo studio as a business?
  7. I've been wanting this for a long time but it looks like no one has an interest in actually making it. I wish I had the expertise to do it myself
  8. According to what I read from Guru Graham, NO. He gave a description of how Mods can be fixed now and said Maxis will make a fix at some point but the fix will not affect mods that have already been repaired.
  9. Just thought you'd like to see what I've done with Mallory. Great looking Sim. I just made some wardrobe changes. Right to left: Everyday, Formal, Lingerie, Party, Swimwear. Thanks for taking the time to make and upload her.  



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