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  1. I can not for the life of me figure out why the dialog is still the vanilla wheel and not the extended dialog perfection. can not stand vanilla. everything is up to date. any help would be appreciated please and thank you.
  2. Well this is rather nice to see as I'm coming back to FO4. always loved your work on HF and these mods, a friend and I really love the Overbitch series so excited to see anything of that. Thanks for not letting these amazing works die.
  3. ahh, got it downloaded and installed and its just not in game, can't even find them in the console! checked the plugin list says its all on. using NMM. x.x Edit, nvm figured it out, I knew it was probably error on my end, annnd it was.
  4. Using NMM. a lot of this is over my head and I really don't want to start over. hmmm thanks for the help
  5. Alright it's the Spectral Warhound. Here it is invisible, but when arousal is at 0 it is back and this is all with animal sos uninstalled. Reinstalled and went to qasmoke, arousal to 0, spawn a hentai warhound, ctd after about 2 secs.enb2020_2_4_22_28_00.bmp enb2020_2_4_22_29_02.bmp Also it still does actually ctd with just animal sos soooo that is my issue hmm. summoned one in qasmoke and ctd
  6. Alright, summoned every creature with HH no issue. I noticed on a new save there is a familiar in the court wizards room but not there for my saved game. i assume that's the connection between the college and the blue palace. However no issues with summoning and playing with the familiar in qasmoke.
  7. Hey, having an issue where my game CTD randomly in the blue palace and college of winterhold. Removing this mod fixed it for me but now, no one can get relief! oh wells guess I have to work extra hard to help with that.
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