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  1. I have no idea what to do, i'll go to whatever npcs, select them and then type 3 whenever im selecting an animation to bring up the threesome animations, obviously. The problem though is that I don't know what to do with the other actors. For example after selecting one of the animations i don't know which actor would go in the receiver slot. I also don't know what to do with the other actor, would i choose the same animation and then just press play? none of it is working.
  2. im also having problems with the werewolf model itself, its got weird textures and her head and limbs are invisible
  3. I already have creature framework, HCOS, MNC, etc, etc. However, whenever i transform into a werewolf i become a normal female, tried using different schlongs, gender bender, and changing the werewolf skin in creature framework. is there any way i can resolve this??
  4. What's that one mod where there's a bunch of creatures at whiterun and they're just sitting there being friendly? And how do i fix the horse models? They're invisible. I'm also having trouble with the dragons, they dont have penises. One last thing, how do i MANUALLY initiate sex?? At the moment i'm stuck with having to be raped.
  5. Even after doing EVERYTHING you said in the order listed and checking everything, the creature animations just refuse to load during sex scenes.
  6. I've got the fnis creature pack installed though. And what does Nemesis do? Will it fix my current problem?
  7. So, I have a fairly decent assortment of animation mods installed but whenever I try to have sex with any creature/animal THEIR animation won't load but mine will. I have all of the animations turned on and have registered them several times in SLAL. How do I fix this issue? I don't think I lack any animation mods but if that is the case then please tell me which ones I should get/need. All of the human animations load during sex, but again - it's only the animal's animations that won't load.
  8. yo what mods do i even need to make that appear, i cant even see dragon penises or werewolf penises. basically i can only become nude atm, cant have sex with anything. what mods do you use?
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