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  1. Thank you for the reply, MadMansGun. So say I unzipped a pack and went to the "actors" folder inside of meshes and just straight deleted (say) the vampirelord folder (animations & behaviors and all inside of it) because I don't want it, I would then have to edit the text document in the source folder (removing the deleted animations from the text document), and then edit the Json file to reflect the change. And that'd be it? I'm reading over the animations loader modders guide on how to create a pack, to try and figure out how to reverse engineer it
  2. Okay, I'm terrible about getting back to this, I've never been a regular forum user. I reinstalled all the creature related mods, ran fnis, and it all started working again. I do not know what specifically I did that fixed it, nor do I know the cause. But it is working. Hazah! Also, thank you Degarron
  3. Question: Can I... 1) Unzip a SLAL pack (such as say, "SLAL_Billyy_OriginalAnimations v1.1 SE" for example) 2) Delete HKX files from animations I do not want or ever plan to use. 3) Zip the SLAL pack back up And have the desired effects of: 1) Decreasing the FNIS animation count 2) Still have a working SLAL pack (apart from the animations that I deleted obviously) If this would work, awesome, that's all I wanted to know. If this would not work, how would I go about achieving the desired effect? Thanks in advance.
  4. Okay, quick rundown. First off, I had everything installed, and working not long ago. Also I'm just a user, and I'm using Vortex for the mods. Now, recently to try and resolve a different issue (removing invisible dogs from my game), I RE-INSTALLED a number of Sexlab mods. Admittedly, I'm not 100% on which ones they were, or what exactly they did. Stuff like Creature Framework, Nasty Critters, Aroused Creatures, etc. See I was under the impression that the invisible dogs in my game came from perhaps an addon from one of the SL mods that I perhaps click, yet didn't have textures for
  5. Something along the lines of https://img2.gelbooru.com/images/0c/31/0c310a3cb239bd3b2e1397018612f6a5.webm
  6. On Skyrim SE, I would like to find the best compatible mods to accommodate the following listed in order of priority: 1) Bestiality (especially horses and wolves) 2) Voluptious female bodyslide (for player and possibly also npcs) 3) Detailed and graphic sex animation (jiggily, wet, decent looking cum) 4) Both willing and unwilling sexual encounters (radiant encounters and possibly story/mission) with npcs, humans and beasts I would really appreciate any recommendations! Thank you in advance! ^__^
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