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  1. Hey, guys. This is TEmagic. We haven't seen each other for 20 days. Now I have completed v0.15, welcome everyone to download and play. Any opinions and ideas can be put forward. I will get back to you as soon as possible. The updated content has been written in the "Changelog", as is the "Plan" in the game. About the next version, when we complete the Japanese translation, we can let you see Jing's H event. Have a wonderful weekend Cheers
  2. DOWNLOADDownload Demo( Google Drive | MEGA) Overview: Hello everyone! This is TEMagic, and I hope I can create some games I love. And I'm creating an adult game called Magic Girls-Token Academy Simulated Battle. I love cute girls, games and anime so that I am creating this game now. This is a puzzle/date sim game. The inspiration for this game came from "Huniepop". You will act Roman Hunt and meet several girls(I have designed 6 girls) in Token Academy. Because of the rules of the academy, you can have sex with a girl if you beat her. Use your wisdom and magic to defeat each g
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