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  1. This fixed an issue I been having with Buffout4, thank you for sharing this! Was using Vortex and it fixed it for me.
  2. Looking for some FO4 mods that add elements that SL Defeat and the Devious series added in regards to alternative methods of just dying (I.E. slavery, rape, etc), and mods that added punishment from other NPCs to the player, bondage, negative debuffs and etc.
  3. Weird thing is I have the SSE version which is https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31146 Edit: I am not sure what caused the mods to think they are out of date, especially since it loaded up fine a couple times and was able to use both mods(SL Survival and Simply Knock). I even reinstalled SKSE to see. I might check the dll of the knock mod again to see if that helps. Edit 2: So after messing around with the files, I doubled and tripled checked and all files mentioned are SSE files. I went with the assumption they got corrupted and rea
  4. I am pretty sure my issue is caused from the buggy SimplyKnock that is required by this mod that is causing my issues(this immedailty started happening after getting this mod and the required simplyknock se mod), but it seems that it causes a bunch of my other files to not load up properly in SKSE which causes the error message below, and not allow you to go back into your game or start a new one. I seemed to fix it before by removing the papyrus file and repacked it as a zip file and it launched fine. I think I got two or so plays before it having the same issue again. I feel like I am missin
  5. Я бы связался с командой SKSE по адресу https://skse.silverlock.org/, потому что они могут обновить свой список и, скорее всего, предоставить копию сборки 2.0.17, если она вам понадобится. Я бы использовал электронную почту всей команды, если вы хотите связаться с ними, которая находится на этой странице внизу.
  6. Thank you for sharing this mod. Also welcome back to Skyrim SE
  7. I noticed that some of the sliders are having issues with male and female characters. Doing some research, I saw that a body mod was usually needed for RaceMenu to fully work(Already had XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended). So I snagged "Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer" for my female characters, but what is the best for men? Is there ones that support belly morphs for various mods that use that effect?
  8. Also make sure in m2m under the mcm menu to register the animations to sexlab. If you hit ~ you will see the progress of the registration of the animations.
  9. Does anyone else have the issue on SE where your character will just remain of the screen after dying but nothing happens?
  10. So glad this forum has amazing people like you to help caretake mods.
  11. I saw that the original LE HCoS got updated a few times since Aug. 9th. Does anyone know if the SE version will be updated soon?
  12. You can use it with a male PC, you just have to mess with some of the settings.
  13. Similar to this issue below; is creatures going up to you and trying to pin you down with a blank name still an issue? This post claims it was a bug in an older version in 2016 but get it with dogs in cities and random animals. Hitting resist, will auto went the conflict and same goes for hitting cancel.
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