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  1. Expecting next update on follower support. Thanks for your work.
  2. I tried Lockpick Pro, it worked fine. For the better experience, I suggest disable Lockpick Pro mod, or you will get out of a device so easily.
  3. For the version 0.5.1, when I ask a NPC for help with my device. there is only one choice "broken the device", and when I choose this option, nothing happened. How can I ask NPC help with my device with pick lock? And also, can I help NPC out of device without a key on picking lock or struggling? thanks.
  4. Good mod. It will be more interesting if add a spell can cast to a NPC to equip a lethal device to her.
  5. Hi Shakx88, awesome mod and I like it. I fully agree with you that DD escape experience is so bad, expecting the coming update. BTW, can I get your permission to translate the mod to Chinese and post it to Chinese bbs 9dmdamaomod.com? I will declare the original link, the mod creator and your patrons link(if you had) thanks.
  6. As it has no esp file and I cant get the equipment from AIM How can i get the equipment? thanks.
  7. BTW, NPCs from other mod would not die too, such as: wenches from mod "Immersive Wenches" Sasha from mod "cursed loot" etc. Thanks.
  8. I tested in Whiterun, as you mentioned, I tried several times and some NPCs always die, and some always not die. Here is some example: Always die: Carlotta Valentia Whiterun Guard Hulda Saadia Bondaged Girls (from cursed loot) Always not die: Ysolda
  9. Hi SAC, thanks for ur mod, it's great and i love it. I test V1.9.0 and some questions made me confused: 1. How can I cancel a NPC's hanging status? Is there a spell cast again to a NPC to cancel the noose from gallow again? And can I pick up the gallow funiture as an item? 2. when I cast the spell "Manoose Hang" to a NPC, sometimes the NPC die, and sometimes not die. And I cant see any setting about it in MCM. Can I set the gallow not kill the NPC? thanks.
  10. Hope this MOD finishing, I'm really interesting in it.
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