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  1. Ok, I kinda figured that it was the end of the line as I tried two of the options, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently at the point in "The Truth" quest where I now decide on what path I choose. Could someone tell me what each path leads too and if there is a walk through for the quest please provide?
  3. Fantastic mod, but I seem to have a small issue with the baby item not appearing on my pc when equipping and sometimes with the buff an atronach appears. I do use a custom race for my character but the same issue occurs with vanilla races as well.
  4. This could have various reasonss.​Can you try whether the Kaw's claws, HN Nails and this mod's nail items show up correctly? Just conjure them up in the console and try to wear them. Will your game also crash when you try to apply SlaveTats manually? ​This mod is for CBBE female body only, and the basic piercings are applied as SlaveTats. ​ -- Just posted the new UNP patch for v. 4.4.0 (thanks to jb64). ​ ​ So I can manually wear nails and apply SlaveTats manually. The issue just lies with trying to get a manicure. What does the two unp patches help with?
  5. I have a couple issues. Everytime I get my hands manicured, my hands turn invisible, could it be the body and texture mods I'm using? I use 7BO for my body and SG texture renewal. And every time I try to pierce my body, my game will ctd and I believe it's because of the body mod I use. I see though there is a uunp patch for piercings and am unsure on how to install this correctly, I use MO and just adding the mod doesn't populate the textures on bodyslide.
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