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  1. Also questions for Berni now, forgive me if I haven't noticed but is there ears in this that'd work for making a mini lop rabbit? secondly, how hard would it be from a technical stand point to make legs that are more in line with the shape of the hind legs of a rabbit? if that can't be done can I make a suggestion for digitigrade leg shape with a paw more styled after a rabbits? Honestly I just wanna make anthro versions of my two bunnies in game and I personally am not great at making CC so it's either suggest ideas and hope the modder is interested enough to do it or get the mone
  2. As for cloth friendly digitigrade it's the second swatch on the plantigrade paws from this in skin details, so with that you'll have the digitigrade paw shape but as mentioned EA leg shape which improves compatibility with basically all cas items in my personal experience due to no longer having a conflicting leg mesh issue going on
  3. With the non cloth friendly digitigrade? yeah, you'll have to use one of the mods bottoms in ww body selector and try and find a clothing bottom in cas that'll work with it if you don't want to have them go without pants to use one of the bottoms from this, either that or use the cloth friendly version which has the same leg shape as a normal sim which as you can guess gets rid of the issues with conflicting leg meshes since that's what is likely happening when it applies the EA legs just without feet on top of the modded legs
  4. No problem, and same, there is the more columns in cas mod, if you don't already have it, it may help
  5. You'll need to use one of the tattoos like "furry base color" or something similar to get that to not happen
  6. Agree with G315t, do what keeps your mental health in a healthy range and if you need to take a break from this mod for a while at any point pretty sure we're all going to understand I mean we're all adults on this site, so hopefully should all be mature enough to understand that
  7. May I suggest non physical punishments? with likes/dislikes coming in you could have it check for that and have the Dom/me be able to punish the sub by being unable to do a liked activity or to check a skill and if it's mastered forbid them from doing something with that skill for example a sub with lvl10 piano could be forbidden from using a piano for a day or two Not all punishments are physical after all, and I'd prefer if my Dom/me's could have an option to punish their sub without it being the slap animation
  8. I have to admit I came to check if it released here, yesterday as in my timezone it's already the 23rd now before remembering that it'd only be the 21st in your timezone yesterday, not the first time I forget that fact lol
  9. Yes! I'm so excited for this! I'm also wondering how it could work into succubi from nwp, sounds like it could be a fun little experiment to try
  10. To add to what's already been addressed, testing cheats on, shift click your succubus navigate to WP extras, click remove succubus state, at least back in the beta during the discord days before it became public it seemed to change my sims hairstyle so that may happen, it hasn't happened for me lately but I am a patreon so what may or may not happen for me may be different for the public users such as yourself
  11. Yes! so excited to be able to finally get to play with this, the two week wait will probably be hell for me but it will be worth it in the end
  12. Thanks for the reply, I figured there'd be a "key" for the patreon version hosted here, WW does the same thing, but it also removes the mosaic from all ages so yeah, I use mccc instead to allow my current save to have the relationship continue if I ever upgrade to patreon WW when funds allow it or whenever I switch to wonderful to keep playing the game when out in public on the laptop, since well when in public you never know even if you're playing it in your car in a parking lot if some kid is gonna peek in through the window to see what you're doing since kids are nosy little creatures, at l
  13. With how things are with patreon TOS I know that like with WW, incest won't be a feature in that build, but in the public build do you know if it'd be a release day feature? it's not a deal breaker if not, I have many non related sims that this would be perfect for but my current save that I keep coming back to has my main couple being twins, with the brother in the storyline faking his death and creating a new identity so they didn't have to hide anymore so yeah... there's that
  14. This is just out of general curiosity rather than a need for it in my case, but would legacy edition support be something able to be done in future? honestly wouldn't be surprised if it is a no since having to work out how to make features work with legacy code when it may rely on features brought into the current game version could be a hassle
  15. You'd need to connect to origin and update, any mods that are updated for new patches or just about to be released such as this will only work with the most recent patch
  16. And my first comment on this thread was asking if that'd work together with this, well that's certainly a way to introduce myself ain't it?
  17. I just found out about this and while I wouldn't be bothered if it wouldn't work, if two sims had the incest attribute from WW would it work? I know it's a taboo topic but one of my sim storylines uses it and it'd fit those two characters since they are meant to have a D/s dynamic If it doesn't as I said I'd not be bothered by it I'm just glad to have a D/s dynamic mod being made for the game and while I can't support on patreon I'll be following the mod here
  18. It is the PF trait is considered pesudo occult same with the daughter of the easter hare and black widow traits, I'm also guessing the sensually tight trait could be blacklisted for being a succubus as well
  19. Wasn't expecting to see discourse again about DD and WW, personally if it weren't for "other" things that had happened with CN on top of what's been mentioned already I'd prob use it, mainly the lactation stuff only as it does interest me but yeah...anyway what people use in their game's in their own business imo as long as it isn't what'd be considered illegal then if I see evidence of it well pretty sure those here would do the same thing But yeah keep this thread to WW only and DD to wherever it's being hosted at now, the two mods won't be compatible from either end more than li
  20. Okay so just basic trouble shooting stuff since I have no idea what this error really means, what version of the game are you running I forgot the number already but do you have bunkbeds? if not since that came with the latest patch, update and that could likely fix the issue If you're on latest update, clear cache and the folders for WW, NWP and BD in your save folder And check for any duplicate installs somewhere
  21. This mod is also planned to eventually be split into modules at some point so when that happens you can then just install the succubus stuff
  22. In discord beta, impregnating worked, should be the same for the public release here
  23. It's compatible, I use them together so go for it
  24. Mermaids are part of both versions of the mod, unless you add disable wicked mermaids, you'll get the mermaid features of the mod upon install
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