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  1. mmm very nice need a CBBE 3BBB version STAT!!! :)~
  2. hehe very nice. I always thought there needed to be more to that location and quest. well done nice add on Rama
  3. I couldnt find her in either Bijinis or Gman's, might need to see if I can use that mod you showed, and maybe only install Elenwen. Will need to look at it more I guess. thanks R. RESOLVED looking around on that other site, I found that at the end of june Gman updated his Ladies of Solitude n Dragons Bridge mod adding the Thalmor including Elenwin.
  4. Does anyone know of a nice Elenwen replacer out there for SE? I used Bejin's mods a while back but do not remember if there was one in it. Using GMan's Ladies of Solitude mod atm, but Elenwen still looks kinda meh. R.
  5. Sun is working on fixing the SoS issue and releasing an update, just need a little patience as there is alot of pieces to go through
  6. Loved the bunny, and nice touch with "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" R.
  7. Dawn that sword.... mmm where dat froms? Very nice pics btw too hehe Rama
  8. Thank you very much, I forgot this mod was around. Had it DL'd a while ago and had not installed it, but now it's all up to date and working well. Thanks again. Rama
  9. I have seen creature penises moving/flexing in some videos, and I wondered if that was a standalone mod, or something new in a mod. Looking for anyones help in pointing me in the right direction. This is for SE. Rama
  10. Actually in the late 80's early 90's when Cyberpunk the tabletop RPG was around, there was an NPC in the game called Johnny Silverhands a Rocker character. Had alway been drawn to look like Keano Reeves, and they got him to do the character for the 2077 game. His movie Johnny Neumonic from 1995, was prolly the reason.
  11. I do remember and thanks again. Now we just need to get those puppies redone for the CBBE SMP/3BA bodies. Bouncy, piercings FTW hehe
  12. Nice to see the new "you" and welcome back Loving the new look, and reboot <was sorta thinking about a cyberpunk thing also.... not gonna lie sheesh> that Militia building near Whiterun, that a mod, or something you made for story? Either way that is a cool addition to the landscape. Looking forward to more to cum..... errr come. PS... Dont think I didn't notice the Morg in this line..... heheh my main char is named Morgaine, ohh and she like nipple piercings also :)~
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