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  1. Reading this has given me a need for 2 things.... 1: Sirrae as a follower, 2: A cool quest to rescue her, and Elisif from Erikur. This would be so cool also great story, and screens are excellent. keep up the great work. cant wait for next entry. R.
  2. Does your mod change the appearance of NPC's like your pics show, or is that just from your game? asking because I use several appearance changers in several towns, and would hate to have to track down all those black faces
  3. Looks like floating Rose Petals in the tub, nice touch.
  4. very nice, any plans on adding these new poses to the SE version?
  5. RamasesII

    Set sail !

    great bonus pic
  6. good old DnD days. Party meets at the bar/inn... Fight breaks out, may include party, or not.... Guards come, Party bails, Adventure ensues... XP and Treasure for all.....
  7. heheh "11 Scrolls of dick pics" I about spit out my soda. NICE
  8. mmm very nice need a CBBE 3BBB version STAT!!! :)~
  9. hehe very nice. I always thought there needed to be more to that location and quest. well done nice add on Rama
  10. I couldnt find her in either Bijinis or Gman's, might need to see if I can use that mod you showed, and maybe only install Elenwen. Will need to look at it more I guess. thanks R. RESOLVED looking around on that other site, I found that at the end of june Gman updated his Ladies of Solitude n Dragons Bridge mod adding the Thalmor including Elenwin.
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