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  1. thank you for your help, I think maybe its about these two tools i download the oldest version andthe latest version and choose install add-on from file but nothing happened im using blender 2.79, is it just my blender too old or what i have done wrong?..
  2. download a mod and it has only TMC files and TMCL files then import to blender, select UV editing and choose a part of the mod and I get something like this
  3. add a new MOD blacksuit and princessbouquet_common 1.1 for the missing ribbons download from the top
  4. Hello! start learning and posting mod, mainly for CostumeCustomizer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2021/01/18 CostumeCustomizer_blacksuit_common CC_blacksuit.rar 2021/01/18 CostumeCustomizer_SR_princessbouquet_common 1.1 2021/01/15 CostumeCustomizer_SR_princessbouquet_common CC_SR_princessbouquet_common.rar CC_SR_princessbouquet_common 1.1.
  5. sorry for using google translate Many buf files such as “Puff' clothes are invalid. How can I fix these buf files?
  6. I have the same question as you. Have you solved this problem? If I type a global ID randomly, just like 1234567 or something, it doesn't work
  7. It happens to [Bloody kiss marie] tried my best but it doesnt work well can someone help to fix this please ...
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