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  1. lore friendly and creature races would be great.
  2. any good race mods that already have naked texture models and are compatible with LAPF?
  3. Oh okay that makes a lot of sense now, i thought it was a 1 off kinda thing. This level of modularity for mods is.. intriguing. I'll test out the Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP with addon Lovers Voice SSP Plus and see how it goes. Thanks for the info.
  4. Also 1 other question, why aren't they as many (or any for that matter) preview images for the various lovers with pk mods?
  5. Hi there, i'm new to loverslab and i just downloaded this mod, the only other Adult i had previous used were from nexus (sexdarkness, body replacers). So followed the installation guide and booted up the game activated all the new lovers file while deactivating sexdarkness. When i'm the game the only spell commands i had available were: 1. Masturbate 2. Instill Lust 3. Check on Npc sex status (forgot the name) 4. Open up the lovers settings (also forgot the name here) all 4 of them work, but there's no actual sex commands. Is this suppose to happen and i'm suppose get more plug-ins or did i mess up somewhere?.
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