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  1. Can anyone upload the Berger_Room2 (Sinuoss) addon? I thought I had a backup, but it is gone
  2. You should precise what version of the game you are using. 7.5 is no more updated. Custom.03.R9ZRoom455.txx
  3. Is there an upload size limit on LL ? Do I have to use an external host to upload big files? And how do I add a Tag to a file ?
  4. VX version, drop it into /Addons The archive does not contain any graphics! I don't have the original Activemod room though. I modified mine quite a bit, so you might find someone who has the original folder. Custom.03.R9ZRoom455.zip
  5. Don't know if it's the 7.5 version , but here you go Custom.R9Pant021.txx
  6. If it's a .SMF database, it is downloadable. (And hopefully convertible to the latest version) After that I think we should have a SMF based forum, I like the base it is buildt on, and the newest versions feature a lot of stuff we didn't have on our 'old' forum. Call me nostalgic but I prefer browsing the forum the 'old' way than this one (LoversLab). But I'm also happy to find the community here!
  7. Set up a yearly goal to achieve, put the amount online, let people donate until it's full. Then stop the donation goal for that year. Restart when renewal year approaches. What do you think of this? Be as transparent as possible when it comes to money!
  8. So sections like on ModsGarden - French discussion/German discussion, etc ? I'm okay with this. There are many people on the discord server, I hope that the community doesn't get separated in half. Maybe add some stickies there to invite them to LL.
  9. The second question is about [include] ? Define a bunch of objects and select/deselect in F4 menu? All you have to do is create your level def (name the objects for easier handling) Then create a new .txt file, name it maybe _cabinet.txt Cut (not copy) the object lines for your cabinet out of the level_def and paste them into your new .txt file. Now add this line to level_def: [include] _cabinet.txt = true All the objects in the cabinet files are now in a virtual group which can be put on/off with F4 (include list) It is
  10. There is a Parent button in which you have to select or type the name of the parent for this object. level_definition shows them like this : [object1] . . [object2] . . parent_name = object1 (without any brackets) Now when you move or rotate object1 , all child objects move/rotate too. Haven't tried resizing. I have some tables with stuff on them, all parented to table, maybe a bout 10-15 objects together.
  11. Thanks! Only one of your clips work for me, the Tevo.avi all the others do like my own clips, black screen. Maybe file size is too big, or some decoder is missing from my installation?
  12. Yeah, I'd like to see this thing working
  13. Ok, tried that and none of my videos are playing in the movie window, nor in the screen of my room. I think Hook5 doesn't like video overlay. Are you using h5?
  14. I'm trying to add some movies to the TK17 media folder, but cannot play them with the internal player. The videos I have are converted to .avi. I can see a blank thumbnail and nothing happens when I click play. Do I have to set them to a certain aspect ratio/codec in order to have them played ? I wanted to test out the new greenscreen/TV feature from Marburg.
  15. I'm opening this topic, as there isn't one
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