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    Computers & technology, internet, modding, modeling, animation, games, good porn...
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    38 years, autodidact and on PC since 1988, I graduated in networks.
    I love to learn and understand all the technical things of this world.
    I gained experience and worked in many areas, computers & networks, precision mechanics and automotive, painting (complete restoration of several old Triumph), electrical, electronic, hydraulic system but also carpentry, masonry, plumbing.
    I made the rounds of lots of things.
    I think all this can be perceptible in what I'm doing here. lol

    Time goes by quickly, taking the age I'm now in the business and in charge of a small company, I have really a lot of work..

    So the mods/animations I produce are my hobbies that I do when I'm done at home, which is why it may take time.

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Not necessary to create account on these websites to come complain.
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