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  1. Hola, Here's another strip club. Search for "Castle of Sin" under lots and make sure you have CC enabled. My username is TSEUS Hope you enjoy it. TY TurboDriver!
  2. Sweet TY so much for the anwser. I'll give it another go as soon as I get called again
  3. YEEEES!! That's it. The WARM and COOL tones do not work. The neutral ones do. FFS this was driving me nuts. TY guys
  4. So when I assign the color to the .noir dick on CAS, everything looks fine. The problem is when I have sex with a random NPC that I have not configured myself. Then his dick is black. Is there anyway to solve this? I really don't wan to go through each SIM to select the color. A default option would be awesome. TY
  5. Hey all, I am having a different problem. Once I am called to the venue, none of the interactions work or reflect any kind of progress towards the event goals. Like for example, when I ask the photographer for photos, nothing happens. The same for "get styled" or "get into sexy outfit", which by the way, the option of "sexy outfit" does not exist. Any ideas?
  6. Look at this! TY to all the people creating tools and animations to make this possible. I've wanked to this WTF is wrong with me!
  7. Hola! TY for this Question: just to be sure: you have different slider files, are they updates of the same file or they are different tools? TY!
  8. Hey! TY for the update where you can select multiple attributes without having to go through the same loop
  9. According to @Turbodriver "Customization [Future] Running a club that never improves can get tiring, so the introduction of specialized perks that make things easier and better is going to change that. Higher tips, easier to satisfy clients, lower bar supplies price, less cleaning to do, or fewer accidents. There’s plenty of things that can make running your club easier."
  10. Hey guys, I created a nifty strip club. Here are some photo samples. You can get it from the gallery under accountID tseus
  11. Of course, that makes sense! TY for the reply. And TY for the awesome mod!
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