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  1. Entire modlist in spoiler, however I dont believe it is related to my setup. Just to make it clear, arousal is not set to 0, it can still be increased by exposure but the timerate is near 0, as in 0.03 for example. Having sex or manually setting timerate remedies the problem but it's just not possible to manually reset it for every met npc.
  2. Sexlab Aroused timerate eventually decays over time, however this also works for npcs that you have never met, eventually hitting 0 once your playtime is past ~20 days or so. I play with mods that trigger at ~70 arousal so npcs eventually stop approaching. Is there a mod that remedies this, somekind of a setting or a way to globally reset timerate? Or some other way, like setting minimum timerate? I know SLEN has a setting that simulates sexlife but it only works for npcs that you have already met. tl;dr Sexlab Aroused timerate is 0 after extended playtime, teach me how to fix this. Thanks.
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