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  1. @Psalam thankyou for the help.
  2. I would say late twenty's to late thirty's judging by proportions and demeanor
  3. I have played tk17 for many years, and still find It the best ever modded game. The thing about tk17 Is It is more like an easier version of any 3d studio. Its very emersive and fun, I would recomend It to anyone who has problems with the complexity of many modern games. have fun.
  4. hello everyone, nice place you have. I am new here, but have been a member of modsgarden for many years. are there members here from the garden to help me navigate the forum? thanks. keep safe everyone.
  5. hello my friend, hope you are well.  modsgaeden seems to be having an extra long outage.

    could I ask you If you have a link for the discord chat account so I can ask whats gone on.


    thankyou      found modsgarden discord





    1. SolidVault


      Hey just saw this message. Thanks for the discord invite was wondering how i can get access lol

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