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  1. True. I mean I've been lurking loverslab for months when I was playng skyrim years ago, then in 2016 and now I fixed all my problem by uninstalling body/physics and bodyslide and just re-installing them at the very end of my modding. Now I'm enjoying my playthrough, and damn - the mod scene is impressive compared to what I remember for those 4+ years ago Cheers!
  2. I have to admit the CBBE Curvy looks remotely usable to me at weightslider set to 0, anything aboe start making those "hentai" type of body, which I'm not a fan. Looking forward for a "realistic" body mody, but I just installed CBBE as it was easiest to get working with my current Skyrim. I already spend 48+ hours modding this into a working state and I'd finally like to start playing
  3. I guess I'll go with a reinstall of the body/physics & animations mods, because I cannot figure it out. Funny, I had it working before doing a clean re-install and I did think I did everything the same, but apparently not. Attached is my list. The process I'm doing here is: 1. LOOT 2. Bodyslide2 - choosing CBBE HDT where possible for output/preset 3. FNIS. Any good guide here how to get the physics working correctly? **EDIT** : I've reinstalled body, skeleton, bodyslide and hdt. got rid of tbbp & high heels. now it appears working correctly.
  4. I'm just running into this issue now, first time after installing skyrim modded. I am building with bodyslide 2 and using hdt physics. the breasts & ass seem to bounce/jitter a lot on their own not sure how to fix this - is it the skeleton, the boydslide or some animation mod?
  5. Thank you, I will check it out. I came to Oldrim after finishing SSE and I'm missing a few mods, but appreciating way more that weren't "ported" to SSE. By the way, I noticed I'm not getting notifications when somebody replies me. How can I turn that on? I don't want to miss answers to posts and seem like a jerk that doesn't care
  6. Any way of getting this to work on Oldrim/LE? I installed it, and effects apply via MCM but not through sexlab animations
  7. I second this notion. I'm playing a straight male and would NOT want to see SLEN dialogue for male NPC at all. Also, is it possible to move SLEN dialogue to bottom of dialogue tree? With the current setup it's super easy to miss-click and start dialogues with SLEN instead of "regular" dialogue options, which feel weird. Thank you! EDIT: I think for me what works is disabling `Charm Dialogue` through MDM, so i cannot use it. I initiate dialogues through other mods - Submit & Amorous Adventures. I think this provides most immersion (as far as i figured out till now) but still allows SLEN for followers?
  8. Im having a similar issue, not sure where it comes from. Seems npc i talk with start following me...
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