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  1. Kassandra is not a heavyweight. Rather a lightweight
  2. I also believe that the many flat male armors have damaged Kassandra's body structure. Let's hope clever modders can improve it.
  3. winny257, Lara is getting younger and slimmer. Kassandra is more like the older Lara, but without boobs. With the Honey Select-and PlayHome Editor you can create great women. Would be nice if you could place them in Odyssey.
  4. "Phoibe and Daphnae were by far my favorite characters. I would have liked to experience more good adventures with them. And the Goddess Artemis was not a Barbarian, nor her daughters. As I said before, only a DLC, patch or mod suport could change this. Both characters belong to the best that Odyssey had to offer and did not deserve the weak lousy ending that Ubisoft gave them. With Phoibe and Daphnae at my side, my Odyssey would be perfect, because I have to decide if a story ends tragically or happily. So Odyssey would also be playful with more sense and replayability." "Make your own Odysse
  5. But a good game can be improved by good mods. XCOM 2, SKYRIM, FALLOUT etc. have been improved by good mods by lengths. I do not like WITCHER games. Odyssey is full of hidden pornography and erotic situations. Even without mods. Because it belongs to everyday life. Now and many years before. No matter what CD Project Red says.
  6. I agree with you 100%. Odyssey could have become a paradise for good modders.
  7. Complain to Ubisoft. I tried without success. They do not want mods, in any form.
  8. I had started a discussion in Ubiforum, which Ubisoft deleted. You can read a part in youtube. The comment by Themistokles Kanellakis:
  9. Not only the size of the map is there. Ubisoft has created a livelier world in Odyssey, but you can always do better.
  10. I have both games. Origins and Odyssey are too different in many things. The Greek world map is about twice as large as the desert in Origins. And also the Game Play was improved in Odyssey.
  11. Yes, I know, they got the Name Amazons from ancient Greek, but 2000 years or more later the Events in ancient Greece. I just forgot to mention America as an important continent for the Greek history, but it was only later discovered by the Europeans.
  12. And here some photos from the Great Kassandra made by me
  13. CPU, a really nice video. winny257, Amazon is actually the name for female warrior in ancient Greek. It does not matter if they come from Asia, Europe or Africa. These three continents all have an important role in Greek history and mythology. In good and bad times.
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