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  1. This mod does not add the furniture into the game, so you won't be able to find it naturally. You would need to use a mod that uses the furniture. This was created before DDC was a thing, and I am pretty sure DDC uses the furniture from this mod anyways, so they couldn't just use that. To test the furniture, you can use coc zbftestzone to get to the room with them all placed and simply activate it to use it. As far as I know, it does not directly interact with sexlab scenes, so if that is what you meant by "use," you won't be able to do that with this mod alone. This mod can help you with
  2. I noticed that for some reason every single piece of furniture is misaligned. Changing my character's height to 1.1 in the bodyscales section of racemenu seemed to make them all align perfectly, but since I can't do that for every single NPC in the game that might be using these pieces of furniture, is there a way to fix this issue on my end? I'm using the CBBE HDT body.
  3. I noticed that if you talk to a male character that is in the middle of a sexlab scene while the daydreaming effects are active, it will reequip their clothes for the rest of the scene. Is there a way to fix this or would I just have to disable the daydreaming effect before I talk to someone in the middle of a scene?
  4. I'm confused as to what the follower options in the MCM menu actually do. If I check "Use female follower for males" for example, does it replace me with a follower if the actor initiating the scene is a male, or does it do it if the game is expecting me to be male?
  5. Did you make sure to register the animations in the Estrus Chaurus animation tab of the MCM menu?
  6. That's caused by a weird bug with FNIS creature pack's GetVersion method. As long as creature animations are working properly, you should be fine.
  7. Oh, my bad. I could have sworn I saw them having armor slots but apparently not. Nevermind then.
  8. I didn't look at every parasite, but for the tentacle armor one, the rendered item has body slots but the item in the inventory does not. For some reason the mod I was using to detect worn items and show their body slots was not picking it up, and Milk Mod Economy also did not show it.
  9. would you be able to add a body slot to the inventory versions of the parasites? mods that search for equipped items don't find them like they do with devious devices since they don't have body slots.
  10. I noticed when looking at the records in TESVEdit that each parasite has 2 versions: The one that is actually equipped and shows up on the player, and one that just shows up in the inventory. I was curious why these functionalities were separated instead of just combined on one item. Was there some mod limitation that required it to be done this way?
  11. so I resolved most of the issues with these mods in addition to: However, I was unable to resolve these last few issues: I figured I'd comment it here just for anyone else who might be searching for this on google. I ended up finding a way to solve the original problem without importing SL_EvictionTrack and make it a hard requirement, so I don't really *need* to compile it. I Just wanted to access the eviction status for each hold, and ended up checking if the bars on the door were enabled instead of trying to import the script and check the local variable.
  12. I got rid of the bounty through jail time and paid the toll to get my items back.
  13. Is there a specific bed you have to sleep in to proc the event that removes the eviction? I slept in the bannered mare in 1 hour increments over 2 days and it didn't proc, but using coc to teleport into breezehome and sleep in that bed immediately removed the eviction.
  14. is there a way to force an eviction? I can't seem to figure out how to get the scene to trigger. I have a 400 gold bounty and have it set to evict at 100 and 3 in game days have passed since I surpassed 100 gold. Edit: Nevermind, apparently I had to sleep to trigger the scene.
  15. I was trying to compile the SLS_EvictionTrack script without any modifications since including that script in my mod caused it to not compile. Here's the original script: When compiling it, I got these errors: My best guess as to what the issue is is that I am missing some source files, but I have no clue which ones they are and could not find any information on google. I included Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, SexLab.esm, SimplyKnock.esp along with SL Survival.esp, and I have SKSE, papyrusUtil, and SkyUI SDK installed. I tried including UIExtensions.es
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