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  1. from v1 the follower you create could be undressed
  2. it is working good thus far, it is glitching back to normal when swimming, sprinting or riding...
  3. For those who did not notice the first topless mod has been uploaded to nexus. I take no credit for the mod I just post the link https://www.nexusmods.com/assassinscreedvalhalla/mods/32?tab=description
  4. huge bumper...well it will be two things, one to have at least topless npcs (remove the top cloth from anyway naked models) and give Eivor the normal npc body (which is going to be impossible since the npc skeletons logically differs from that of player)
  5. stick to the glitch... nipples were painted?
  6. files is a freaking mess even if you know hop to use forger
  7. I believe that it is the chestwrap all along, maybe it will be removed completely idk
  8. two of the three daughters of Lerion are also topless
  9. it is a hell of difficult to find the correct files inside the forge package of game let alone to modify them... the easiest will be to just remove to underwear (delete) so all npcs that they do not have clothes to be topless...
  10. With controller is pressing left joystick over the wanted item...
  11. For Eivor idk if it will possible to be topless, I guess it will have to do with the model cause is way different that of the NPCs, but NPCs since they follow all the same model and it is confirmed that under the top rags the model is complete then sooner or later there will be some kind of at least topless mod
  12. i have to agree that Evior is using different body type mesh etc but I believe the NPCs will be far easier to become altered since I believe that they all share the same structure
  13. It is true that the female upper body is complete, if you try to take a close up pic and clip through a female with no top (like this one) for a brief moment when you move gently back the camera for a brief moment it will be possible to see the nipple before the cloth obstruct it again...well maybe in time there will be topless warriors...
  14. for some reason I can not make the game activate any mod by manual, it just does nothing, from Steam Workshop it is ok, although I found a workaround by replacing manually the files in gfx and common files and then pasting back the originals when I do not want the mods...
  15. to be honest it was pretty clear what he wrote although I agree with your point
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