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  1. I asked which mods for a reason, as this is NOT the only script using the peircing ticker. There are other things I loke to mod as well. Does any one know which mods are needed to make a script relying on the piercing ticke compile? (As in PSC files in thier source folders)
  2. It might be useful to add the MermaidRaceVampire race into this as well, in case they get the vampire infection.
  3. Check the earlier portions of this thread. Someone posted a way there to have it use only KS hair options using JSON files.
  4. Check your load order, as any mod which modifies the races will override Vampire Eye Unlocker if it is later in load order. Patching is also an option if you want the benefits of both.
  5. You may wish to look for info on installing and or activating mods here on Lover's Lab and on the Nexus Skyrim Special Edition. Most use a download manager for this like Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Manager 2, or Vortex, as these make uninstalling a lot easier.
  6. The 0fawn hairstyle is still available on the Nexus KS Hairdos SSE under the old downloads KS Hairdo's SSE - Female - v1.61F. The easiest way to make this work is to make an override file of the 0fawn editor ids, as these KS files have identical names. Then copy out the 0fawn files in meshes and textures to the correct locations, or simply make ano override mod with just tese. The style looks similar to 0Steammist or kssmp_steammist.
  7. Submissive Lola itself works like a charm. Yeah, I had trouble, and this is what I found I recommend packing Esturk Booze with loose files as the BSA crashes Skyrim SE before it can completely load. It loaded after I extracted the files and hid the BSA. I do recall there being some big differences between Skyrim LE BSA's and Skyrim SE BSA'.s. Skyrim LE BSAs could be opened with FoMM while Skyrim SE's could not, if this helps.
  8. I had a similar experience in SSE. From what I can make out, it may be related to the Morrowind Daedric Door frame and it's black filler area where the door would be. (an hunch) It works 100% in LE, oddly enough.
  9. The armor in my upper image is: Female Vampiric Knight - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)
  10. You could try using Bethesda Archive Extractor to crack out the contents of a BSA (or BA2 in Fallout 4). I have seen this Bat Travel used in another mod as well over on the Nexus. Dark Envoy - Vampire Powers. CK can only make a BSA, but it cannot crack them. There are some others which can work a LE BSA as well, but I have not used them in years as Skyrim LE is unstable in my system/
  11. I have a few I regularly play, sources are over on the Nexus:
  12. Have you built the Deviously Cursed Loot meshes in BodySlide? Batch build is the fastest way.
  13. Thanks. I got real sick of hitting the Mods button by accident. Other managers have it beat hands down.
  14. Oddly enough there is an FList pointer for eyes in the race entries for each character. I used Vampire eye unlocker to eliminate this problem. When using custom races, it does not hurt to fix them in here as well using xEdit.
  15. Eyes tend to be covered by other mods. I never noticed the eyes being whacked by this one though.
  16. There are a number of such mods over on the Nexus. Some of which I have been using for years. Vampire Facial Reclamation is one.
  17. Please keep up the good work. It is also good to see you are still active. Yes, this is something which will add depth to the story.
  18. Yes it is. I look forward to seeing how it ends for the one who let her curiosity get the better of her. The peice of the quest where the character stays female.
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