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  1. Ohh my, my animations no longer works at all now.
  2. MNC is causing CTD in one particular area near Winterhold. Suggestions?
  3. thanks everyone! I did manage to get it fixed, It was due to a bad mesh. Now the same thing is happening outside of Windhelm. Lol I cant seem to win.
  4. Apparently there are Tundra Spiders, I didn't realize they were from Immersive Creatures pack till I looked at all of the creatures added. Those things are also fine. So far, its only the boars for me.
  5. But thats the thing, I install SexLabs before defeat everytime. Thats the thing, I have SO MANY Animations and I get to see A LOT. So idk why its happening to you.
  6. LMAOOO that last bit is pretty funny but again. It's tough to come up with suggestions when I've never run into any of these issues. Armorous Adventures huh? I don't think I've seen that on SE.
  7. Other than that, I haven't seen many of the immersive creatures enemies other than the pups and I gotta say, they have not given me ANY issues. I've done a few more tests (As much as I could since, I don't really know where to find all the creatures.) I'll keep you updated with anyother issues I can find. (Hopefully I don't.)
  8. Yeahh I don't really know either. I'm glad it worked out though! What other kind of mods do you use?
  9. I couldn't really do much with this mod. There's actually a Boar right outside of the Riverwood and some in other locations idk of yet besides somewhere in Solthsheim. Whenever I get even close to a boar i CTD. First, it attempts an animation and it just doesn't happen. Eventually walks away and I CTD.
  10. You could do that, I've never ran into that problem because I always make sure everything is enabled.
  11. Okay, so for whoever that sees this, I'm playing Skyrim SE. Right? Before I wasn't getting CTD's, maybe after an animation that didn't work but that was an easy fix. Just disabled the animation. Not sure why but now I'm getting constant CTD's on load up, in Sollstheim and my game is almost unplayable seems like. https://modwat.ch/u/Sadcase
  12. Took a while, thanks again. Some animations are just not working so I had to disable some. Now i'm just playing around trying to find a good balance of difficulty. Right now its a bout above Legendary (Nightmare)
  13. And then I realized, Forced isn't using the tags I have set for animations. Omgg lol
  14. Nevermind I'm just blind, alright now I can just. play the game.
  15. yeahh I'm mostly doing test runs to see how everything works. Now the only issue is not being able to search some tags. I'm only like level 7.
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