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  1. Is this mod still available? Where do I find the download link? 

  2. when i tell my sim to do an action she always says i dont want to do that. How to turn that off?

    1. DrippyBalls2


      Open debug with cheats enabled and switch "AlwaysAccept" to the on position


    hi !when will you update the mod? we all wait for you :D

  4. Very good mod, I wanted to ask you if there is a Spanish translation of this Mod, thanks !!

  5. are you planning to release the full version for kinky world soon?

  6. kinky world is not working


  7. Hey!

    I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering if there was going to be a public release anytime soon? I would really love to see where this goes. 

  8. KinkyWorld can have chinese? Sims4 of WickedWhims have chinese,if there is,i am very grateful,WickedWhims of Translation Author is (zipzip1) ?

  9. Hey there! I went to download kinky worlds so I clicked on the link and the on the page with all the info there was no download link, thank you !

  10. I recently installed the kinky worlds 0.37 on my sims 3 and to my surprise I noticed my female sim had a penis? is there any way I can change this?

  11. I know that this may not seem like a big deal, but I was wondering something:  


    I recently downloaded this mod, and noticed that my wife and I (lesbians), both get negative moodlets when we're naked; yesterday, in gameplay, my wife had positive moodlets when she was naked, mine remained negative… why is that, and is there any way to fix it? 


    Please write back at your earliest convenience.

  12. I’m having an issue with the selling drugs at the criminal hideout. It used to show up but not anymore. 

  13. Hi

    I love your work, sincerely,congratulation , but just a small request, is what you consider creating Liftime Wishes or in connection with your mod?  And I wondered how work is it you please Manther or Cougar





  14. I'm so excited to try this!!!! is it possible to add other drugs...coke, molly PLEASE!!!!

  15. Hi! i wanted to try KW but I'm not sure if it conflicts with NRaas Career base game and Assassination mods..Does it conflict? Because I really wanted to try your KW....

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