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  1. yeah... this doesn't work... lol. Anyone find a solution yet? It worked one time then went to shit.

    1. janedoeishere_


      Yh its buggy for me as well but I don't think she's gonna update it on this website anymore because she has updates and fixes on her patreon

  2.  kinky world not woring  can any one hlep me

  3. animations not workong

  4. this kinky world mod wont work for me

    1. MiniNia12


      Any screenshots of the way you installed the mod? 
      Also, did you clear your cache? 

  5. thanks awesome mod

  6. I downloaded the mod exactly how you said to and added a animation but my game keep crashing after a hard freeze. I noticed it once i started a brothel. I got rid of the brothel but yet I keep crashing >.< help please

  7. Hello, every time my sims go to initiate sex, the interaction in the queue cancels out and nothing happens.... I installed the proper animations correctly, hmm not sure why this is happening....

  8. Is this mod still available? Where do I find the download link? 

  9. when i tell my sim to do an action she always says i dont want to do that. How to turn that off?

    1. DrippyBalls2


      Open debug with cheats enabled and switch "AlwaysAccept" to the on position


    hi !when will you update the mod? we all wait for you :D

  11. Very good mod, I wanted to ask you if there is a Spanish translation of this Mod, thanks !!

  12. This is a great mod, but I feel males deserve underwear too.

  13. i cant believe youre still working on this, good fucking job, i just got my new laptop, the last time i downloaded your mods was in like 2017? maybe 2016, good work onikikay, good work!

  14. I love your works! I adore your mod! Thank you for all the hard work and updating us when changes are coming. Thanks again!!



  15. I know you can't rush perfection, but I'm really excited for the new version! Any pending timeline? I cannot download anything at the moment :(

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