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  1. Exactly, nobody knows if it was real or an invention of contemporary literature. So the feudal lord was allowed to have sex with the bride on the wedding night or demand a monetary substitute for the defloration since the wedding took place on his grounds. In my opinion, the child should be a legitimized bastard of the groom's dynasty with the liege as known father. It should also get a trait similar to "born in the purple" instead of the bastard trait were others acknowledge him to be superior among the dynasty and a capable heir (in accordance with gender laws):
  2. Hey guys, today I was trying to write a CK3 mod for Jus Primae Noctis - the right of a liege to have the first night with their courtiers' and vassals' betrothed/daughters as soon as they become of age and ready to marry. Since I never wrote any mods, I couldn't get through it so I wanted to ask you guys, if anyone is willing in creating such a mod. Features: -> When forming a new religion, one should be able to choose a religious tenet for Jus Primae Noctis: Not Accepted - Available for every liege in the realm - only available for top liege/player -> W
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